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    I am running 7.3.2 . Even I was trying to search for sysprep run time error there won't be any troubleshoot steps given from VMware. I am going back to create a new master image and redo this steps again.


    I am afraid if we face any problem with customer during production.??? VMware says try Instant clone, try Quick prep. etc.. but even I tried Quick prep also having the same issues...

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    I'm not a fan of quickprep for linked clones as it only ensure the AD Object SID is unique - all of your desktops will have a duplicate local SID, which can play havoc with some applications (most notably AV). So I'd ignore that advice...


    I wouldn't build a gold image from scratch if it was working before. I'd start with simply uninstalling all the agents and reinstalling them in the exact order outlined in that KB. It really is critical to do them in the right order.

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    It turns out our issue was our Imprivata SSO. The appliance was still pointing us to our GTM (which is pointing to our 6.2 environment). We were testing via our thin clients being directly pointed to DC1, where 7.3.2 got installed. So, while we thought we were going to DC1, Imprivata was taking over and saying nope, let's use the GTM.


    So that nailed it. When we got brokered via DC2 6.2 brokers, and attempted to go to a 7.3.2 pool, we errored out. Definitely the issue that 7.4 resolves. Luckily we have a path to continue and get the upgrade in without any user impact, but, lost some hours working this out.

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    Have you logged into any of the affected VM's and checked the sysprep logs?  If memory serves they're located in %WINDIR%\Panther.  Last time I ran across this error on Windows 10 it was related to the way we were removing the superfluous apps from the image.

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    The OS is Windows 10 build 1607 for the Agent VMs, and Windows 10 1607 for the Thin Clients as well.  We are not doing RDSH at all, it's straight VDI.


    I will see if we can try a test client with Blast.  Currently, I do not have a good way to do this as we have all Thin Clients deployed at our remote locations, locked down with GPOs.


    That is good to know on 7.4 and the new enhancements of Blast, will definitely be something we will eventually need to look at.  Unfortunately this would require changes to our production environment and as such takes a while for lots of testing, etc. first.


    Thanks again.

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    Worked like charm on Horizon View 6 and VDI running Windows 7 x64 with agent 6.0.1. Yeah, legacy system...


    1. In View Administrator, I put affected VM into Maintenance Mode (under More Commands)

    2. In vCenter, I logged into the affected VM

    3. My Computer > Drive E > Temp folder > CTRL-A > Shift-Del (note : not all files can be deleted)

    Drive E is the disposable disk in my case, yours may be different.

    4. Restart the VM

    5. Take out of Maintenance mode in View Administrator once rebooted

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    I need assistance.  I am a PM and not very technically savvy, but found this thread today and it describes my problem exactly.  I have been using VMware on my desktop and after upgrading to 4.7 today it still seemed to work.  Then this afternoon it stopped connecting with exactly the same scenario described by the author of this thread.  I have a laptop upgraded and it's working fine off the same home network.  Please help.

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    log to one of the provisioned  VMs from the console and try to understand what is the issue, , did the VM got IP address??? can you reach the AD and Connection server? try to join it to domain

    try to run sysprep within this VMs , did it show an error?

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    THe machine is already joined to domain. DHCP is working perfectly. but still got stuck at customizing... How do we troubleshoot if any application is blocking sysprep by going through %WINDIR%/Panther folder???

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    Hello All


    I have followed the link Horizon View | vTimD

    and executed the exact steps below


    1. Navigate to %WINDIR%\System32\Sysprep\Panther

    2. Delete or Move / Rename all of the files in the Panther directory

    3. Open RegEdit

    4. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup\Status\SysprepStatus\

    5. Change the GeneralizationState key to 7

    6. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\

    7. Change the SkipRearm key to 1

    8. Complete template finalization steps

    9. Shutdown / Snapshot

    In the VDI Pool , I was trying to deloy 3 VDI from the pool but only One VDI got provisioned & Available reset of the 2 VDI VM is still got stuck at customizing...  Logged into the customizinggg VDI and checked skiprearm key value it is showing 0 .. ie the value is changing even that I did in the parent VM/snapshot...  very strange...

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    Going to upgrade to 6.25 and wondering if my dedicated vm's with agent 6.23 will continue to work until they can get updated to 6.25?

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    Yes, such minor agent to server versions always run with VMware View. For example, I even have version 6.2 agent that runs with 7.2.3 version of server without any problems. VMware makes backward compatibility a priority on items that are cumbersome to upgrade, like thousands of agents.



    Yury Magalif

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    Appdata/local is always problematic with slower logons in Persona.


    Is it an option for you to use good old View Persistent Disks for appdata/local?


    UEM and AppVolumes writable volumes may also help, but they require additional cost and setup.



    Yury Magalif

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    Are you using QuickPrep or Sysprep?


    Sometimes, I see such problems when a VM cannot acquire DHCP address properly, which requires you to check your DHCP server/leasing capability.



    Yury Magalif

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    the answer will be based on the customization technique:(quickprep , sysprep) and which windows you are using (win 7, win10)

    quick prep normally work fine without issues , however be sure no static IP address in the gold images, and removed the Vm from the domain

    normally sysprep face such issues , and  most cases because the sysprep command fail ,as start try to login in to one of the provisioned Vms from the console and run the sysprep  command

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    i need help with we need to optimize horizon 7.1 network traffic with Riverbed , so we need to disable SSL security on the traffic between (client and agent ),(Client and connection server ).

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    Great job Steve, i upgraded to 7.3.2 and found that users couldn't use HTML access when the "Default display protocol:" was set to "PCOIP". followed your advise now my users can access their VDIs via HTML

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    in horizon admin page go to servers and edit connection server settings


    un-check "Use Secure Tunnel Connection to Machine"

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    i try this but there is no result , the traffic still non optimized in Riverbed .

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    The client and agent will still establish an SSL connection through PCOIP. This is not the way to approach your challenge. Riverbed should have documentation on Horizon View and I would work with their support. You may need to get VMware involved as they likely have an approved list of WAN accelerators.

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