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    also check below file

    VMware Logon Monitor


    VMware Knowledge Base

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    so what is the major change between the old snapshot and new snapshot?

    can you check what was the windows build number for the new snapshot ?

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    let me clarify this to you


    you can download "vmware Horizon client" to connect to desktop remotely

    Horizon client allow you to connect to the same desktops you are connect with browser ,


    the VDI my be published in the internet , so you can connect from home , and it my not allow (mostly not allowed)

    but in both cases  you cant download the virtual desktop to your laptop

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    We are testing Windows 10 in our VDI environment where we use Horizon View 7.3.2 currently and we have noticed that Google Chrome is very fuzzy on Windows 10 desktops.  I've tried overriding the dpi scaling options and allowing the application, system or system (enhanced) to see if any of those fix the issue (which it does on my non-vdi Windows 10 desktops) but it doesn't seem to work within the Horizon View environment.  Does anyone have any suggestions or a fix for this in Horizon View?

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    I am attempting to deploy Mirage in a test environment. I already deployed the Mirage Management Server, and installed the SQL Server instance on the same vm. I am now attempting to install the Mirage Server on a separate vm in the same domain. I have already configured a ODBC connection on the Mirage Server vm, and I have disabled Windows Firewall on the Mirage Management Server vm.


    When running the Mirage Server install, I am prompted to enter the SQL Server name and instance. When I hit Next, I get the following error:


    "Failed install user rights validations. Failed to connect to database. Check server name, instance name and server settings."


    I have already checked every setting I know to check. Any ideas on what I could be missing here?

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    I have created a new image and install the agents by the following order


    1. Created master image again

    2. Performed OS optimization (VMware)

    3. Installed VMware tools

    4. Installed view agent

    5. Installed UEM agent

    6. Installed AppsVolume agent

    7. created a instant clone pool


    Tested again its working now.. don't know why it was not working earlier.. ? also informed the OS team not to apply any MS patches.

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    Same but we included December’s O/S updates will test January updates today.

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    We recently started looking at Windows 10 1709 since Horizon 7.4 has support for it (and other versions as well).   However, when recomposing any pool, it gets stuck on the "customizing" step for the desktops in the pool.  We are using a customization specification (sysprep) because we prefer this method over quickprep.  This has worked fine with Windows 10 1607.  When I check, the desktops are stuck at the Windows logon screen and will sit there indefinitely.  In the events log, it shows entries like this:


    Provisioning error occurred for Machine win101709002: Customization operation timed out


    Automatic error recovery for Pool win101709: attempting to restart Machine win101709002


    Are there still problems with 1709?  Anybody been able to get it to work?  We are pretty plain here with our setup, nothing really special going on but just can't seem to get this working.



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    Not supported as far as I Know, i had the same as you and rolled back

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    Hi - I've seen this a few times on multiple Horizon versions, though at the moment i'm using Horizon 7.4 and WIndows 10


    A user logs into Horizon and instead of passing through the credentials to Windows it then asks them to login again and shows the name of the last logged in user . This problem is intermittent but maybe 1/20 times


    It only happens in Windows 10 , the pass through of credentials  is perfect in Windows 7


    Horizon admin doesn't tell me much

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    I'm playing with the Horizon 7.4 session collab feature and I see in the documentation it's supposed to allow you to send link via IM in addition to e-mail and copy/paste.  I do not get the option to send via IM (Cisco Jabber is installed.)  Is this only permitted with certain IM clients, and if so, is there a list of supported clients?



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    Nevermind, I found it mentioned in this video that Skype for Business must be installed.



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    According to this KB, 1709 is officially supported: 


    However like we've seen, there seems to be an issue with sysprep.

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    Have you tired to manually give you master image more video ram. I'm sure you are not using a grid or 3d fx soultion


    Try to upgrade the video ram to set to 2 monitors and over 80mb of video ram on the master image. Then recompose to the pool so all VM's get the change. See if that fixes the issue

    I have noticed the machines like over 50mb of Video Ram per Vm to run the best the auto doesn't look well on some machines.

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    I am doing the same method; we are using AD and have kiosk security groups; we are using the systems MAC"s as logins and security groups to give image access.


    You can set up to auto lunch the VMware Horiozn View that way; there isn't a best method it's whats going to work well. It sounds like you are on the right path to me


    I don't know about the share generic login. Go with the MAC address generated logins it's a bit more secure and the password is hidden as you can just connect with devices mac over a share login

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    yes you can enhance the video memory by adding another monitor with pool setting, and also you can do it with gold image setting by edit vedio card settings and increase the video memory size

    in addition you can edit the chrome settings,

    open chrome://flags (put this in the Chrome address bar and press Enter) and edit following: 

    • Disable accelerated 2D canvas
    • GPU rasterization
    • Hardware-accelerated video decode
    • Zero-copy rasterizer

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    I am currently doing this now it's pretty simple.


    The only issue you have even if you set the machines to recompose instantly on log off you will have to recompose them from the pool nightly

    We had the older Dell Wyse just running the


    Put in the Windows Startup Folder a .bat like this



    Bat Scrip I use


    vmware-view -unattended -serverURL ur connect server here

    sleep 15

    start "Kiosk" "%~dpnx0"





    Ensure you have a security group created with the MAC address's as the user's name and add them into a security group so they will lunch into the desired desktop.

    This way it will use the machines MAC to authenticate into the environment; You would just setup a pool all with the same iamge and only allow them to pull from them. THis can be done with AD using security groups or manually adding each machine into entitlements


    Best of luck

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    i had the same issue and never found solution

    there is away to hide last login in group policy , using the policy Do not display last user name in logon screen Group Policy (Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options) to hide the last logon user name option.

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    We are not using grid cards, but I have the VMs set to use 128 MB of memory so that wouldn't be the issue.  Plus it is literally only Chrome (at least at this point) that has the issue.  I'll check out the Chrome://flags settings you posted and give that a try.  I have disabled Hardware acceleration in Chrome, and that didn't do anything, but I'll try these out as well.

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