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  • 03/05/18--10:20: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • before you shutdown on the parent run ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /release. I saw the same thing with windows 7 desktops

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  • 03/05/18--10:25: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • I do ipconfig/release always but didn't do the ipconfig /flushdns will try this and update you.

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    I was also considering the same question.  My eventual use of NSX will likely drive it to be a multi-PSC/F5 design so I can use NSX cross-vce


    I assume you are planning 2000 desktops per block within your pod.  If so I assume you'd have to setup a Horizon pool of 2000 desktops per block.  One pool = one vCenter.  What baffles me is if all desktops in each block are the same how does one automatically load balance a connecting user to a pool with the least amount of active desktops? 

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    Thanks, this solved it.  Make sure and scroll down the the E1000 change instructions even if you already have a VMXNET3 nic for the Win7 SP1 KB (2550978) as it is not referenced at the top.

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    Hi Jack,


    Thank you for the prompt response.  I will test it out over the next couple of days and post an update.


    Thanks again!

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  • 03/06/18--08:51: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • Do you see any errors on your domain controllers? I had a major problem with my instant clones not authenticating with my dc and failing to receive gpos etc after subsequent refreshes and logins? I could see errors on my domain controllers of my instant clones failing to auth during their build process with your same setup but with Windows 7. It took awhile but I have resolved my problem and haven't had issues in months.


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  • 03/06/18--14:03: Pool wont start provisioning
  • Weird issue here. I've got a pool of floating linked clones that has been relatively stable. I wanted to create a test pool, so that I can test out changes to the golden image before pushing to the production pool. So I cloned the production pool. Everything is set identically. The pool is enabled but will not do anything. Nothing at all. I'm not getting any messages or errors in view or vcenter. Our company is 100% vdi and I've been doing this for several years, so not a newbie. All of the normal stuff has been checked. I've checked the logs on composer and I don't see anything that stands out or indicates that there is an issue. Meanwhile, other pools are working fine. Anyone have any idea of what might be causing this? We're on relatively current versions of everything.

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    I cannot find the option to disable USB redirection for the adapter in the Horizon Client.  How do I do this?



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    I would verify that AD LDS replication is healthy between all of the connection servers by following Forcing replication between ADAM databases (1021805). Then follow Restart order of the View environment to clear ADLDS (ADAM) synchronization in Horizon View (2068381).

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  • 03/07/18--04:42: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • So in the end, the cert error that we got when enabling tunneling, indeed was a cert mismatch. The cert we were presenting with the F5 (that's also on the connection servers), and the cert was that installed on the UAGs, weren't the same. That's what we get for assuming, and not bothering to check a cert, which takes all of 5 seconds. Ah well, once we put the proper wildcard in place, we are good to go, things running just fine in testing.

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    The restart is a good idea if it hasn't been done, I have a similar issue that happened in our 6.2.1 enivronment, and we had to a full restart like the kb article mentioned. I'm hoping since we migrated to a fresh install of horizon that may not be necessary anymore.

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    Thanks guys. This does sound like a likely culprit. In addition to recently upgrading vcenter we also had network maintenance this weekend that caused all sorts of disruptions. The connection servers haven't been rebooted since, so this would make sense. I'm going to schedule a maintenance window and get them rebooted.

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    Hello all


    I hope someone has run into this also and found a solution!

    We use machines with CentOS 6.9 32bit and View client 4.2.

    These machines are installed via a custom made kickstart file that among other things installs the view client with the needed modules like usb redirection and others.

    The machine boots to the graphical env and then opens the view client without the user needed to login, like a Kiosk mode.


    Since the version 4.5 is out i tried to just replace the source installer and kept all the other things intact and all works as expected but the USB redirection.

    The OS sees the USB devices plugged in and they are available but within View no USB is available, like nothing is connected. The usb arbitrator is up and running.


    Anyone has had the same issue?




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    Here is the part of the kickstart file concerning the view install:


    env TERM=dumb VMWARE_EULAS_AGREED=yes ./VMware-Horizon-Client-4.6.0-6617224.x86.bundle --console --set-setting vmware-horizon-usb usbEnable yes --set-setting vmware-horizon-virtual-printing tpEnable no --set-setting vmware-horizon-smartcard smartcardEnable yes --set-setting vmware-horizon-rtav rtavEnable yes --set-setting vmware-horizon-tsdr tsdrEnable no


    Again if the file to install is the version 4.2 it works perfectly, if i use any other above version usb redirection does not work.

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    And now even more interesting...

    With version 4.5/4.6/4.7 if the client runs before the user login to the gdm it does not work, if you login to graphical env and then start view client USB works.

    Does this means something to anyone?

    usb arbitrator service is running either cases.

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    Hi everybody,


    I have created an automated desktop pool in Horizon View and VM this pool is based on has Flash Read Cache activated for one VMDK because .

    As soon as I start provisioning the pool, I get the error message that I have Insufficient resources concerning virtual vFlash ressource.

    How can I configure my pool or vm that clones also have a Flash Read Cache?


    Best regards,


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    Horizon 7 does not support vSphere Flash Read Cache (formerly known as vFlash).


    Release Notes for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.1


    I'm assuming its due to how the replicas are created.

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    Its at the top of the horizon client, the bar that drops down. MAke sure its unchecked



    checked means its redirected

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  • 03/08/18--08:31: License Horizon 7 Advanced
  • I am looking at licensing 2 Hosts both with 2 Sockets fro Horizon View 7 Advanced. When I license these for Horizon Advanced do I have to also license the underlying ESXi hosts for 6.5 Ent. Plus or is that included in the Horizon bundle?

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    With Horizon View you don't need to licence the Hosts with vSphere as long as you are only running Horizon view vm's on the host and not both server and view vm's

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