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  • 03/08/18--19:24: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • Glad to hear that worked out. It's always the last thing you think to check.

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    Dear sjesse,


    thank you for that comment. Seems that you are right.

    Very sad, that this is not possible.


    Now I tried to create a manual pool and cloned my vGPU powered VMs in vSphere Web Client but that VMs are not addable to the pool because they use NVidia vGPU.

    So I think that it is right that there is no chance to use Flash Read cache enabled VMs in View, even without replicas.


    Best regards,


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    I have just got my 4 monitors set up for my work pc. 2 using onboard graphics, and 2 using an Asus EN210 PCIe card. I am trying to set them up in a specific layout, but I cannot seem to get it working, and I am not sure if it is possible or not,

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  • 02/27/18--10:53: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • Do changes to the props.conf really require a restart of splunk? Is there a way to apply the changes without restarting?


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    The following components are the main reason for the size increase over the past 2 years:


    1. .NET framework for an offline install (needed by installer bootstrapper UI).

    2. Chromium Embedded Framework (needed by HTML5 multimedia remoting feature).

    3. Two versions of VC redists: vc90sp1 and vc14.


    Terry is right that 1.4MB doesn’t sound right for a minimal installer. You could run “[installer].exe /x” to extract the msi’s and only deploy the msi’s that you need, but you would have to do research on the proper command-line params to pass, which I don’t know much about and I don’t know if we document.

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  • 03/11/18--09:42: Re: Youtube Performance Poll
  • Is this with or without HTML5 MMR feature? I would recommend comparing with and without it. See Configuring HTML5 Multimedia Redirection  for more info on how to set it up. It requires the feature to be installed on both sides, a Chrome extension installed, and GPOs configured to enable it and to set the URLs in which it will be enabled.

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    v4.7.0... same issue.


    Is there maybe some piece of an old version still installed on my machine?  Maybe a registry entry that is left over?

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    I have Horizon 7.4, security and connection server.

    When i connect from horizon client for windows from my pc everything work fine.

    When i try to connect from my mobile phone with mobile client for android i have a problem

    after password i push my pool icon, progress bar with % o to 60% + - and error Lost connection o the server

    what's wrong ?

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    I have the same problem, I have a version of horizon 7.2 and a client vmware horizon android 4.7.0-7386947. 
    I do not get to connect and I log off, however if I go online  with navegator I can access.


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    Since upgrading one of our users client version from v3.5 we have noticed an issue when having the Windows Display Scale set to 125% zoom the VM now has a reduced resolution indicative of the resolution of one with said zoom level, so a 1920x1080 host machine screen would provide a ~1600x750 resolution.


    This particular user was using 2 screens, one was 1920x1200 the other was 1920x1080, display scaling from VMware was enabled and was proven so by changing the size of a "large window" and seeing the resolution change. the function of 2 screens is a requirement - I have seen the fix for the surface pro was to adjust the RTAV registry keys for srcWCamFrameWidth and height however I cant see a way to set 2 resolutions for 2 screens.


    Client version: 4.7, tested with 4.4 also

    Agent version 6.0.1


    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Digging up an extremely old thread here, but, wanted to, as we are experiencing this issue in our environment. We are using Horizon 7.3.2, linked clones that refresh on logoff. We have 7 connection brokers. We utilize UEM but do not perform the logoff sync, and we're using vSan. Any other infrastructure details please let me know.


    This specific event pops up in our event viewer very sporadically. I would not say often at all, maybe tops a couple times an hour. We have 3200 live sessions at any given time, give or take. What we have noticed though, is it almost always on a pool where remote users are connecting to. This of course leaves us in a tough spot, as we don't control home users' networks. If they have poor wireless setups, our hands are tied. I'm just trying to cover any pieces we CAN control. We don't even get any calls, but, we see it in the event viewer, and it's a pet peeve. We're assuming people ARE struggling, but that they eventually get in, and that's that.


    I opened a sev3 ticket with VMware just to go over possible causes. The first 2 things they asked me to look at were the userinit registry key (it's correct), as well as disable any screensavers in the VM session. This is already done. With that out of the way, I returned to Google.


    I came across this blog: ViewTrivia: Users have to login multiple times to get a View Session and muliple "Pending Session Expired....." events l…  Which sounds a lot like what we see exactly. The fix the blogger writes about, to make sure "Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records" is enabled, I did forward off to my network guy. The pool where we see this issue by and large, is indeed on its own vLan. I had hoped maybe it was misconfigured. I got this reply back from him:


    It's not done via a DHCP setting in the traditional sense. Here's the process for for all DHCP clients on our network. When the client makes a DHCP request it sends a broadcast packet with it's mac address, name (usually the windows machine name but varies based on OS), and a list of desired options to set via DHCP, the local router on the subnet forwards this to the DHCP server which sends out an address and the other necessary parameters (mask, gateway, etc), the client receives this and replies again via broadcast to confirm the options. After that the server sends it's confirmation directly via unicast to that client to complete the DHCP transaction. At that point the DHCP server informs the DNS server to update the A and PTR records using the address assigned and the name supplied in the first request.


    If the name is not updating it is almost always due to one of two root causes. The first is that the name is already in use and it will not clobber an existing name. If you had named your system itsys01 it wouldn't let you take the name of the departmental file server. The second cause is that there is no name being passed via DHCP discover. It's uncommon but possible and you can verify that by searching the infoblox logs on the name server for messages containing the word "added" to display all DNS name updates.


    Am I barking up the wrong tree with the network guys? Is this likely just an issue with end users home network sucks? My next step I guess will be to reach out to the users who APPEAR to be having the issue, and just see what they might be experiencing.


    Thanks in advance.

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    VMware (Horrizon) View(バージョン問わず)でWindowsServer2008(非R2)をクライアント(Server VDI)として利用したいのですが、



    VMware (Horrizon) View上でWindowsServer OSをクライアント利用する場合、2008R2以降を利用するしかないのでしょうか。

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    Did you successfully use DVDs inside virtual desktops?  What was performance like?

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    Hi Vmware Support,


    I have installed Windows Server 2012 on Vmware and And also have installed Windows 7  on VMware, after configuring DHCP service on server 2012 i keep my client Ethernet properties on DHCP but it's not getting IP from my DHCP server getting APIPA IP. please help me how can i configure my network connection on VMware so that i can get IP from DHCP  server.


    Thank you.

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    If both, the DHCP server as well as the client are on the same network/subnet, it's likely a DHCP server issue than a VMware issue.

    Please double-check that all the required configuration steps on the DHCP server have been done, like authorizing the DHCP server, creating the appropriate scope, ...?


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    We still see this issue on 7.3.1 - any updates here?


    How did you fix this issue in your enviroment?

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    Authorization DHCP is already configured and the scope is also mentioned properly. Thankyou.

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    We haven't seen this issue for a long time. Eventually we had an issue with the agents not being installed in the correct order. We are using vGPU's and drivers need to be installed in a specific way. If you are to upgrade the view environment make sure to first uninstall all applications, then install them in the following order.


    1. VMWare Tools (full install)

    2. VMWare Agent

    3. VMWare Direct Connect Agent (if needed)

    4. NVidia Drivers.


    We found out that this install sequence works for us.

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    Okay so we are using W10 1703, UEM and Horizon View 7.2 but we still don't see the indicator. I did try setting the keys you provided tmodderkolk but unfortenately to no avail.

    I do see that setting within my virtual machine it just does nothing with it..


    Did you guys try anything else? Or am I overlooking something here??

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    If you upgrade your Agent to 7.x, you will get DPI syncing, where the Remote Desktop will end up at 125% DPI and the resolutions will match. That will give a better experience. I can’t recall the exact 7.x version it was introduced in though. Either 7.0 or 7.1 I think.

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