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    Just an update, I uninstalled KB4023057 and rebooted the parent image then downloaded wushowhide to try and hide KB4023057 from future updates but the tool wouldn't list KB4023057 as available. I'll leave the master image up and see if a.) the Windows Update service gets re-enabled and if it does, b.) I'll run wushowhide periodically to see if KB4023057 appears in the list for me to hide.


    Fingers crossed.

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    I suggest if possible to remove the individual users that are entitled to pools. Even though this works, I find it leads to clutter later on if not properly managed as users leave the company, etc.


    You did say you have linked and full clones so you'll need to figure out a way to differentiate between al inked clone and a full clone pool because the command will be different. Maybe you can run this as 2 separate jobs. One for linked clones and one for full? Then you'd need a list of pools but you can do that easy enough. $pools = ('Pool1','Pool2','Pool3')


    Linked CLones:

    Update-VDIAutomaticLinkedClonePool -MaximumCount $newMaxMachines -MinimumCount $newMaxMachines -Pool_id $pool.pool_id


    Full CLones:

    Update-VDIAutomaticPool -MaximumCount $newMaxMachines -MinimumCount $newMaxMachines -Pool_id $pool.pool_id


    To iterate through each pool you can do this. You just need to populate that $pools variable, either with a list then use get-vdipool on the list or as it is below for all pools if you can include logic to differentiate between linked and full clones.





    #Gather Pool data

    #$pool = (Get-VDIPool -DisplayName $poolDisplayName)




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    Hello Gezmonder,


    I am facing the same problem and I unchecked "Use Blast secure gateway" on the connection server and still gives the same problem and in the url field it gives this error:



    horizon 7.4 with UAG 3.2.1

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    Thanks for your quick reply.


    Will this cript work even when you have multiple AD groups entitled to same pool? Will it query the user count by adding members in all the AD groups to fund the total entitled users count?

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    Had this a month ago, but with NON-LTSB 1607 (EOL 11.04.18). I ended up assigning the local Guest account (wich is disabled) to the service. So even if the service is set to e.g. manual it will not start anymore.

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    Any suggestions on what could cause this behavior?


    We're allowing external traffic to a VDI environment. The necessary ports are listening. Using Chrome for HTML connections, we can get to the site and authenticate, but after clicking a desktop pool to open we get a Print page like below. If cancelled, it remains a blank window.


    Other browsers open to a blank window. Only Chrome opens the Print page, but none of the browsers open a desktop without VPN. But all can authenticate.

    IE, Safari, FireFox and Chrome were tested.


    When onsite or on VPN, the connections work as expected.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 9.03.00 AM.png


    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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  • 04/04/18--07:17: window resizing
  • We have an issue reported by some of our users of their windows resizing when switching zero clients. They could be at a zero client and have Program A maximized and if they are to switch to another zero client, Program A is now resized to a window mode. Both monitors are the same size. This also happens if the user is to secure their workstation on one zero client and log right back into the same zero client.


    I know this isn't a big problem but to our users it just becomes extra clicks to have their windows back to how they had it. Have others seen this and if so any ideas on how to resolve it or is it something you guys have just dealt with?

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    I have a very similar problem.   The Print page appears when i direct connect to a connection server to access our streamed applications.   Print page opens randomly with Chrome a few times and then stops once you get to the application.


    I haven't tested this externally yet, but it definitely happens every time i connect internally.


    No idea what happened, but I believe this only started after we upgraded to 7.3.2.

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    hello i have just setup a new horizon 7.4 infrastructure with windows 10 linked clone pool .

    i can see the desktop pool when login using web or horizon client but i cant access connect to a desktop.

    i get the following error:



    any suggestions?

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    Try connecting with vcenter to one of the VMs. Check the windows firewall, I've seen the windows firewall get corrupted and break the horizon firewall rules and block the agent from communicating.

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    yes looks like network ports. Thanks,

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    I think something changed at Microsoft's end, and now this particular update is no longer being offered to Windows 10 LTSB builds. I check my image with wushowhide and KB4023057 was no longer listed in my blocked list, nor does it appear on the available patch list. I'm guessing this was meant to be pushed out to Windows 10 consumer editions only, but Microsoft flubbed it and ended up making it available to everybody. After all, there has been reports about machines getting upgraded to build 1709 without warning, even those that had the "delay feature upgrade" setting enabled.


    You're probably fine now if you uninstalled the patch, but you probably still want to keep that wushowhide tool around and run whenever you need to update the image. It's the only way for Windows 10 to control which patches would be downloaded and installed every time you hit that "check for update" button on Settings app -> Updates.

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    Thanks for all your help with this SolgaeDK ;-)


    I haven't seen the service re-enable itself (yet) since I removed that KB patch.

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    For that just change this line:


    $entitledusers= (Get-ADGroupMember$Poolentitlments.distinguishedName).count


    To this:


    $entitledusers= ($PoolEntitlments|foreach {Get-ADGroupMember$_.distinguishedName |where {$_.objectclass -eq'user'}}).count


    if I've been helpful please mark my answer as Correct


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    Do you have any popup blocker or adblocker by any chance? One quick test I recommend is opening your browser in incognito or private without any special plugin to see if you get the same results.

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    Are you using Unified Access Gateways (UAG) or at a minimum Security Servers? You should never directly expose your connection servers externally.

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    Hi Jose


    I got this below error

    Get-ADGroupMember : Directory object not found

    At line:1 char:30

    + ($PoolEntitlments | foreach {Get-ADGroupMember $_.distinguishedName})

    +                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (CN=ab test05,OU...ten,DC=co,DC=jp:ADGroup) [Get-ADGroupMember], ADIdentityNotFoundExcep


        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ActiveDirectoryCmdlet:Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADIdentityNotFoundException,Microsoft.ActiveD




    After I run the below code

    $entitledusers= ($PoolEntitlments|foreach {Get-ADGroupMember$_.distinguishedName |where {$_.objectclass -eq'user'}}).count


    I have installed the RSAT module.

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    Did a little testing and it does look to be Adblock Plus.


    I only have a few extensions outside the normal default Chrome ones, so it was pretty easy to test disabling one at a time.  Adblock Plus is defiinitely the culprit.   Wonder why it all of a sudden started doing this and never cared about it before.


    Oh well, i'm not giving up adblock plus but at least I know the cause now.

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    Yep, we installed security servers.



    The print page problem (thus far) appears related to adblock in Chrome. This is based on my testing and reports from others. I only use adblock in Chrome and Chrome's the only browser with the print page showing up. It's possible adblock on other browsers would cause the Print page there too.


    However, none of the other browsers have been able to connect. They don't get the print page, but don't get a desktop either. Blank window.



    A moment ago, we found one closed port that we thought was open. I'll test later today and post results.


    Et al,

    Thanks for the help.

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    We ran into this issue last year where some print jobs when printed would shift all characters one position forward like a Caesar Cipher. For instance A's would become B's, 1's would become 2's, G's would become H's etc. The fix for this was posted in KB2099984 where it instructed to set the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ThinPrint\TPView\EnableLegacyFonts DWORD to 1. We have had that in place for quite some time with no issues, however just recently it has started to happen again, even with the regkey still implemented on the host machine.


    This appears to happen inside of IE when printing the PDF, and when opening directly with Reader/Acrobat. I opened the PDF in Chrome and it printed the characters properly. This also only appears to be certain PDF's, the one I am troubleshooting is a PDF form that is being exported out of a web application. The workaround I have right now is to print the PDF as an image since that bypasses any font dependencies or conversions or open the PDF in Chrome and print that way.


    Horizon Client 4.7.0



    VMware Tools

    Horizon Agent 7.3.2


    Is anyone else seeing this issue show up again? I am not seeing anything in the thinprint.log indicating any issue as the print job is technically successful, just characters are skewed.

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