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    Please check the view agent logs located in C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs inside the virtual machine you are trying to connect to.

    Also mentioned OS (Windows 10-1709) is not compatible with Horizon 7.3.1, Please check VMware Knowledge Base .

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    On the parent I would try uninstalling the Horizon Agent, restart, uninstall VMware Tools and restart once more. Then perform a fresh install of VMware Tools, restart, install Horizon Agent and do a shutdown and finally a power on. Then prep the image, shutdown and take a snapshot.

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    Hello there!


    We've got an issue with the horizon web access on version 7.4 (client version 4.6). The web page has a valid https certificate assigned to it.

    As I try to log in with firefox, everything works just fine and I can log onto my VDI desktop as I would expect it to.

    But safari, chrome, opera and internet explorer are not working with this behaviour:

    • Safari & internet explorer:
      I can log in there, but as I click on my desktop, the browser redirects me to the home page and I have to log in again.
    • Chrome & opera:
      In chrome, I can enter my username and my password but then, it just stucks with a loading icon.


    I tried to find something in the knowledgebase but I didn't find anything useful or anything that worked for us.


    Do you have any idea what could cause this issue?

    Thanks in advance!




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    Do you have everything in behind a load balancer, and also are using the Unified Access Gateways or the Security Servers. Look at the Allow HTML Access links in the below kb


    Configuring Horizon Client Connections


    you may need to set one or both of these.

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    We have Windows 10 and Windows 7 Desktops all running Horizon View Agent 7.4.0.  These are all instant clone desktops.  On first login the Windows 10 desktops usb redirection fails with the error USB redirection is not available for this desktop


    If you then disconnect and reconnect after like 30 seconds of USB initializing (which is a long time compared to Windows 7) the USB devices will show up properly.


    On  our Windows 7 desktops the USB redirection works properly every time and is much faster to initialize.

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    On Windows 10 Desktops our Thin Print printers are all "stacked".  For example if I have multiple printers attached I'll only see on via devices and printers, but if I then right click the printer all of the menu items have an arrow next to them and I can then choose the sub printers from that.  If I do this in Printers & Scanners I can click the print queue and choose manage where it then says

    "This device has a few different functions.  Pick on to manage settings for that function."


    The other "functions" are in fact the other printers.  While this works this isn't at all intuitive for the users.  Is there a way to get these printers separated out into their individual printers?

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    Did you figure out the answer to your problem?  I am using DUO and running into issues.

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    Did you figure out the answer to your problem?  I am using DUO and running into issues.

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    I am using Horizon view 6.1.1 (we will be upgrading soon).  In our windows 10 desktop pool, I configured a naming patters of "Desktop-{n:fixed=2}".  Yesterday I deleted the inventory of VDI workstations using view administrator.  I expected the Pool to recreate the workstations and name them with the same name (including the same naming pattern), but this did not happen.  It starting naming the machines with newer numbers for the naming pattern.


    For ex.

    Machines I deleted:







    Machines re-provisioned by the desktop pool:







    I'm just looking to understand how the naming pattern works in terms of what happens when you delete the inventory of machines (via view administrator) and the pool re-provisions desktops based on the pool configuration.  Does view scan the existing names and try to fill in the missing gaps in the numbers or start naming at the lowest available number?  I couldn't find anything in the Admin guide.  Any information is appreciated

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    I'm using Duo with Horizon View 7.4.0 and it's working perfectly.

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    That solves my problem, Thanks.


    Do you know if this also helps when I pre-create the computer objects in the AD Domain?  I pre-created the computer objects in my AD Domain, but the VDI provisioning is failing to join them to the domain with the name of a computer object that already exists.



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    On the Guest Customization tab of the pool settings do you have "Allow reuse of pre-existing computer accounts" checked? The account you use for Composer will need the correct AD permissions to do this.

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    Try follow


    Two-Factor Authentication for VMware Horizon View (VDI) | Duo Security


    even if your not using DUO. It goes through the horizon steps and you can see if your missing anything thing. Its what I used to setup my 7.4 enviornment and it works.

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    We are not currently using composer.  Is there another way to see this setting?

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  • 02/28/18--21:52: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • The only port we allow externally to our F5/UAG is TCP 443 and USB redirection is working for us. We have all three of the tunnels unchecked on our connection servers.


    Edit: It turns out TCP 32111 was also being allowed and that's why USB redirection was working. We removed that and confirmed that USB redirection is no longer allowed externally for us.

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    Are you using full clones?

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    Yes I am using Full Clones.


    I just tested the settings you mentioned above for the View Desktop Pool.  It works.  It now reuses the old computer names.  Thank You.


    However the machines fail to join the AD domain with the preexisting object.  I tried to reset the computer objects, no dice.  I also tried to deploy a VM manually from the Win10 VDI template and it wont join the domain with the preexisting object.  I then logged into the local administrator of the Win10 VDI and manually tried to rename the computer and join it to the domain as the preexisting object, but that failed as well.


    I finally tried to rename the Win10 VDI to a preexisting object and that worked (of course because I did not attempt to join the domain).  Then I rebooted the Win10 VDI and tried to join the domain as the preexisting object.  This time it was able to join.  Although I'm still not sure why it doesn't work any other way.


    Obviously I want this to be an automated process, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. 


    Any ideas?

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    Does the account that you are using to join the domain have the correct permissions? The documentation indicates that it's possible to do that if you rebuild a failed machine.


    Rebuild a Virtual Machine in a Full-Clone Desktop Pool

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    Thanks for the documentation.  I'm still not sure why its not working.  I'll keep trying.


    If you have any other ideas, I'm all ears.  Either way, Thanks for your help.

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