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    This has been a big complaint of ours with the MFA/RADIUS implementation on the Horizon Connection Servers and Unified Access Gateways (UAG).


    By default it asks you to "Enter your user name and password.". When you enable RADIUS it changes to "Enter your user name and passcode.". You do have the ability to insert wording between "Enter your" and "user name and passcode.". So you could have it read "Enter your COMPANY user name and passcode." or "Enter your ACTIVE DIRECTORY user name and passcode." or whatever works for your organization.

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  • 05/09/18--01:18: Re: VDI Upgrade
  • You can configure Content Libraries in vCenter Server to replicate the master images. Refer to the below VMware blog:


    Content Library - Blog Series! - VMware Developer Blog - VMware Blogs


    If you use persistent disks to redirect user profiles, then user persistent disks can be detached from the current VDI, migrate them to new location using a shared VMFS/NFS storage and then recreate VDIs from the replicated master image using the detached user persistent disk. Refer to the below VMware KB


    VMware Knowledge Base


    If you are using VMware UEM or View Persona for user profile redirection, then you may look for replicating your file server shares to the new location.

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    The one thing that I know that you can't do is to use the smart card inside of the remote desktop (e.g. the part "use only a smartcard to authenticate with OWA using a browser inside the desktop"). This is not possible with the HTML access client given the set of APIs we need access to. The feature requires a native (non-mobile) client.


    It may be possible to use a smart card to log in to the View Connection Server from the HTML access client; I haven't tested it in a long while. If it makes any difference for you, let me know and I can ask around and get more info.

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    I'm the one who wrote the display scaling feature and I agree on both points: (1) it is not nearly as useful as DPI syncing and (2) I definitely should have put a kill switch GPO on the client. This feature was introduced before we knew that DPI syncing was possible and was intended to be a stop-gap solution to avoid windows from being tiny on 4K monitors if you can't set the DPI. It still retains some usefulness given that our DPI syncing only occurs on initial login so there are still use cases where you roam from one client to another, don't want to log out of your session, but don't want your session to look tiny.


    I looked around and it appears that your SR is getting prioritized internally so that is good news. We are too early in our release cycle to have a committed release date, but the feature is being investigated by the Windows Horizon client team.

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  • 05/10/18--10:51: O365 Shared Install Prompts
  • Hi,

      What is the expected behavior when installing O365 on a base Win 7 x64 image?


    Should each vdi user get prompted to "accept and start [office app name]" the first time they open the app?


    Should each vdi user get prompted to sign in?

         If yes, should they get this prompt every time they logon (in between recomposing)?




    Our configuration.xml file for o365 shared setup:



        <Add SourcePath="C:\O365" OfficeClientEdition="32" Channel="Current">

            <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">

                <Language ID="en-us"/>

                        <ExcludeApp ID="Onedrive" />

                        <ExcludeApp ID="Outlook" />



        <Updates Enabled="TRUE" Channel="Current"/>

        <Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE"/>

        <Property Name="AUTOACTIVATE" Value="1"/>

        <Property Name="FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN" Value="FALSE"/>

        <Property Name="SharedComputerLicensing" Value="1"/>

        <Property Name="PinIconsToTaskbar" Value="FALSE"/>



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    Installing 0365 Shared version is fully supported. You may install it on the master image and recompose your VDI Pool. When user logs in, upon launching the Office products, it would prompt for an activation. User may register the product using their registered email address. In floating non-persistent VDI pools, you may backup this config using VMware UEM and you can activate automatically every time when user logs in to a new session.

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    Create or edit file and add the below line


    Save the file. Restart the View Connection Server service on primary and all replica servers.

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    Hello everyone.


    We have two environments QA and prod.


    Currently we are going live on the published applications, everything is going smoother expect the icons for few applications.

    few applications showed default icon of vmware horizon, which is fixed by deleting the application from pool and republishing it.

    for few applications icons come up in QA environment but the same will not work in prod environment (Tried multiple times to delete and republish in application pool)

    no go.


    Is there a way to track out why it's not showing up in prod environment.

    Note: this is not happening with all application only few currently two apps.


    All applications are manually added.


    Thanks in advance.



    Naveen. S

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    Hi every body


    How change connection server ip in agent whiteout remove and install again VMware horizon agent on Terminal server

    Unfortunately when i am installing Agent , entered IP address instead of DNS name of connection server and now i hvae to change connection server Address on this terminal serve

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    problem still exists.

    maybe open support request?

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    Thank you


    Would you have a link that explains how to backup the O365 config with the UEM? Or is that just part of each user's stored UEM profile?


    I've found GPO suggestions, but haven't found a reference to backing up the 0365 configuration.


    GPO suggestions from VMware...

    Best Practices for Delivering Microsoft Office 365 in VMware Horizon 7 | VMware



    Thanks again for the help.

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    I created the file and added the entry you suggested.  I then restarted the service as you said.  I still get the message



    I am going to disable the two-factor authentication and see what happens.

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    I removed two-factor authentication and that did not help either.

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    Hello together,
    I hope this is the right section. I apologize for my bad english.
    Some weeks ago I tested Persona Management in our environment, the test was fine and without any problems.
    Now I migrated some profile from persistent data disk to persona, here seems to be the problem, but even a fresh created profile can get this error.
    It only occurs to some of the users, mostly the same one, I can't see any differences between all.
    The error is the following:

    If you log in to your Horizon View Desktop everything seems to be glad, until you try to start explorer.exe, you got not enough permissions.
    Same happens on tools like SnippingTool.


    This is the error in german:



    In english it should be spelled:

    Cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to accesss the Item.

    I really need to get a fix, because those users are really stressed and a fresh profile need to be configured every time.
    Sure, I also got a script for migration, but the error is inside this.

    So, maybe it is a false AppData?


    Can you help me?


    Best regards



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    Hi All,



    I have been testing out Linux linked clones with our Horizon 7.4 environment.


    I am having trouble with RHEL and CentOS linked clones. I can get them to spawn ok, but they fail to update their hostnames and thus are all named identically the same as the Gold Master.

    I have spawned up a SLED pool and the linked clones there manage to update their hostnames.


    I have no idea where to look from here, I have been searching all the VMware doco I can find, as well as Googling with no luck.
    I am unsure if everyone else just has this working or if no one is really trying at the moment.


    I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction or shed some light.


    Horizon: 7.4.0 build 7400497

    vSphere: 6.0.0 Build 5318172

    Agent: 7.4.0-7380911

    CentOS: 7-1804

    RHEL: 7.4 Update 4

    SLED: 12 SP3



    Kind Regards,

    Leon Hewitt

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    This has less to do with view, but more with how you are customizing the os. The best way is to join them to AD, which will create a computer object, which should update DNS. If your not using AD you need to use a script to update dns for you. Thats been my experiance, but there may be other options, we only did a short experiment with linux VMs

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    Worked like charm on View 6 and Agent 6.2

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    As I'm not sure if your exact issue, you can however set the icon manually in version 7.1.


    In 7.1, it there is built-in powershell commands you can use:

    Customizing VMware Horizon RDSH Application Icons - YouTube



    If you're not at 7.1, you can try creating a shortcut of the application and point your published application at that path. You can also try pointing it at the exact exe if you're not already. Other solutions I've seen is create a bat file to run the .exe and convert the bat file to an exe with an icon. 

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    I had the same issue except it was more frequent and worse. Users would have it happen at least 6 times a day and sometimes last up to a minute. I eventually found a solution however.


    Using instant clones wasn't working because the way the video memory worked would cause slowness and lagging or to not appear on higher res monitors...


    So using linked clones I noticed the freezing would occur if Auto-detect settings was enabled. I switched it to specify settings, Number of displays to 1 and total video memory to 8. Regardless of that the linked clones would extend to 4 displays and go to a higher resolution with better performance (the instant clones would not).


    I think upped the CPU's on the parent from 2 to 4 and made sure to make that change in the VM options as well and confirm all 4 CPU's were showing in device manager on the VM.


    Added CPU's seen by Device Manager but not by rest of windows 7



    After that people stopped seeing the freezing issue. I was so angered by this issue and I came across this and made an account just to post this to hopefully help someone else going through this.

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    My company uses PCoIP workstations for all emplyees.

    I tried to bring my own keyboard, a Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, but it lags a lot, it's really unusable.


    I've contacted the keyboard comany and after some exchanges we believe that the problem lies on the fact that this keyboard as an internal usb hub which aparently is not that well accepted by the VDI.

    My company's admin said that this could be solved by adding some drivers to the supported pool but that would mean more stuff to maintain and as it's only for me they won't do it.


    As I'm a local admin of my own machine, is there any way to make this work for me?




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