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  • 05/30/18--05:55: horizon agent 7.5 msi
  • I am looking for an msi for the horizon agent version 7.5.  I don't see one on the downloads page.  Is an msi even created or available?

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    We running 1 - vCSA 6.0, 2 - HView 7.0.3 with 1 - composer. Linked-Clone environment running roughly 850 Windows 7 VDI. I have 3 clusters, 6 host in the Intel Cluster, 6 host in the AMD cluster and 2 host in the corp cluster. I currently have the vCSA, one of the View servers, the Composer Server, NSX Server and Update Manager Server all running on the corp cluster. The hosts in the corp cluster are old AMD Opteron Gen 3 processors No hyperthreading. I want to move all of the VMware servers to the Intel cluster with the VDI's. All of the host in the Intel Cluster are using roughly 20% of there total CPU usage and roughly 60% of the memory.


    I just want to make sure that I am not going to run into a problem moving these servers. Any known issues with migrating from AMD to Intel Processors, I am aware that I cannot live migrate them do to the different architectures. Also will this cause any potential problems with the servers communicating with each other while they exist in 2 clusters. All clusters have the same access to the storage and network.


    Thank you,

    Pete Slaughter

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  • 05/30/18--10:00: Re: horizon agent 7.5 msi
  • You need to extract it out of the .exe that you download. You can use the /x switch

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    I've done some AMD->Intel migrations in the past, and didn't have any issues.



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  • 05/31/18--05:55: Re: horizon agent 7.5 msi
  • Please give just a little more detail?  I ran the exe from the cmd prompt with the /x and it didn't unpack it.  Do I need to use another utility?

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  • 05/31/18--06:26: view 7.5 upgrade issue
  • I upgraded one of my connection servers to Horizon view 7.5 from 7.4. After the upgrade, view admin page is not opening and see the below error on the debug log.


    <SwiftMQ-ConnectorPool-1> [ClientSSLSocketFactory] Failed to set enabled cipher suites:Cannot support TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 with currently installed providers com.vmware.vdi.logger.Logger.debug(


    Appreciate any help

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  • 05/31/18--07:27: Re: view 7.5 upgrade issue
  • Fixed the issue.


    The solution to the problem is to re-install Connection so that a self-signed certificate is installed, change the friendly name of that certificate to vdm.old, import the custom CA-issued certificate and add the vdm friendly name and restart the Connection services.

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    Thank you!!


    This worked perfect for me.

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  • 05/31/18--10:42: Re: view 7.5 upgrade issue
  • Well this is encouraging.

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  • 05/31/18--10:58: Re: view 7.5 upgrade issue
  • I had the same issue in my test environment.  I resolved it by uninstalling the Connection server, but leaving the AD LDS data in place...then reran the 7.5 installer.  Wonder if it's an issue upgrading from versions other than 7.4.

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    Good afternoon !


    When you install ViewAgent 6.2.6 html access display scaling not working.


    In version 6.2.5, this works.

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    Someone here view a problem when use a simple dns load balancing on UAG?


    I'm experiencing a problem when my users go login with Horizon Client, put the Login/Password, and then the "Authenticating" message don't go away. It's necessary to close the client and then, connect again (3x sometimes).


    I don't have problems doing this on Security Servers (and also Connection Servers on Internal LAN). Only with UAG DMZ.


    My config,

    2x UAG on DMZ (3.2.1)

    2x CS on LAN (7.4)

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  • 06/01/18--07:47: Re: Licensing guest OS
  • KMS for all my Windows OS and Office products.

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  • 06/01/18--07:58: Re: horizon agent 7.5 msi
  • It will extract it to your %temp% folder. You will see a UUID and inside will be your files




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    1. A single connection server or a group of replicated connection servers can only consume one license.

    2. I'm not familiar with Workspace One to say if it can use Oracle LDAP.

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    I tried Horizon 7.5 with VSCA 6.7 for Instant Clones and did not work. After creating the replica VM, goes through the motions and it stops. I have work on this all week and no resolution found as of yet.

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    There is nothing wrong with doing this and your Horizon licenses allow for you to run any of the VMs necessary for the infrastructure of Horizon (vCenter/Connection Servers/Composer/UAG/etc...). For a larger environment it's ideal to move the infrastructure to a management/server cluster.

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    If you plan to deploy multiple UAG I would highly recommend a load balancer for the health monitoring. With method b a user can still hit a UAG that you have in quiesce mode if you are doing maintenance. With a load balancer it will detect the UAG is in quiesce mode/down and never send users to it.

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    I'm having trouble with smartcard authentication on a newly deployed W10 image. A user is prompted for a PIN when inserting the card by the View client, but when they try to open a desktop, the credentials don't appear to be passed through and the user is presented with a windows logon screen where they can either enter their username/ pass, or re-enter their SC pin.


    The setup is identical to a previous W7 deployment that has been working for several years without issue. From a windows perspective, the same services are enabled on both images, and they both use the same middleware and version (Gemalto.NET). I can't see any differences between the images at all - would anyone have ideas on what I could try?


    Thinclient - 10zig (latest firmware - 6.x)

    W10 1703

    View 7.4

    All certs valid / root certs imported to the gold image

    UEM is also installed with the registry "Compatibility fix for VMware Horizon smartcard redirection" enabled as per the following KB:


    VMware Knowledge Base 


    Thanks in advance!

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    We're attempting to build a Windows 10 1607 VDI image on View 6.2.3.


    We've applied most of our required settings to the image and successfully composed machines at multiple steps along the way.


    We are now composing after setting the devices.hotplug=false as per VMware kb 1026230.  This allows us to use the start menu and search bar.


    We can log into the master image and it appears to work as we would want it to;


    When we compose linked clones from this image, they fail with initialization state error (9): Failed to relocate disposable


    Is there a detailed guide to the meaning of the initialization state errors in Horizon View? What would be a logical next step in troubleshooting?

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