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    Dear all,


    We are having troubles including the Adobe Reader DC (18.011.20040) into our Golden Image.


    We install it normally (as local admin) on the golden image and there everything is working fine - but when we create linked-clones (floating) out of the golden image the following problems occur:


    1) When you click on the Windows Startbutton and on Acrobat Reader DC it re-configures the application for 10 sec and then starts the DC (when you start it from the Desktop Icon it is fine)

    2) The Preview Pane is not working at all - it just give an internal error field from Adobe Reader.

    3) Internet Explorer occasionally does not show PDFs anymore - instead tries to download it and does not succeed. And embedded Pdfs are opened up in a new windows.


    We have applied these GPO Settings via Group Policy:


    SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\FeatureLockDown - bProtectedMode - REG_DWORD - 0x0 (0)

    SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\FeatureLockDown - bUpdater - REG_SZ - 00000000

    SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe ARM\Legacy\Reader\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100} - Mode - REG_DWORD - 0x0 (0)


    And this via UEM:


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\AdobeViewer]



    Is there anything I am missing? We tried to App Volume it, same behavior.


    Thank you for your help.

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    Did you find a resolution to the issue



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    Hello all, Kristina here from VMware. We have also seen this issue and hope to have a fix in place before Mojave ships.

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    thanks for sharing.


    If you need any testing done - then happy to assist.

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    HP ThinPro OS allows you to select the protocol for View (Blast, RDP or PCOIP) as well as utilize the thin client for Citrix, RDP or Web Browser. I've found the thin clients to be extremely easy to use, and updates are frequent.    

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    +1 on Clearcube. Super helpful from start to finish. I use them for direct connect to Windows server and 7 VMs and really have no issue other than I wish I could switch between VMs quicker. I haven't implemented Blast yet, was hoping for an agent for Linux VMs that would work with PCOIP but that might not happen...but still, CC has been great.

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  • 07/10/18--20:18: Blast disply protocol issue
  • Hello All,


    in our another site we have Horizon view 7.3.1 build-6760913 with 7.5 agents. I created a new floating pool but when I want to connect there from view client 4.8 I can't connect to the desktop because of message There is no available display protocol. I am using the Blast protocol. In a first site, everything is fine, so it is weird why this site has this problem.


    I read some topics here but unfortunately, no of it was related to blast protocol in an internal network. We don't have any FW on servers or clients internally.


    Thanks for your help a reply

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    We are experiencing a reconnect issue with 4 min black screen before the VDI appears normally.


    Environment info:


    Dell PowerEdge 740

    VMware ESXi 6.5 U2

    VMware View Agent 7.4

    Windows 10 VDI (client) OS


    This issue often when a user disconnects in the afternoon and connects the next morning. I´ve attached a trace log, any help/assistance will be deeply appreciated!

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    I would be happy to test this as well!

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    I was in fact applying this to the VD and not the client. Now it's all fine.

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    Did you ever resolve this?  I have the same issue and no error 5722 on my DCs.

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    Hi Kristina,


    I would also would be very happy to test a new version of the client

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    I have Horizon 7.5.0 build-8583568 and I'm unable to pass any usb devices into the guest os. I'm trying to enable the debug logging to usb redirection but i can't seem to get the log file to exist.

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    Add me to the list, I am dead in the water for VMWare right now on my Mac.

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    I have multiple Horizon view 7.3.2 Environments. Backend vcenter is 6.0.0 7924804 appliance in one environment and the other is 6.5.8815520.  In all of our Instant Clone pools instances, they consume a ridiculous amount of cpu and memory.

    Does anyone have any insight as to what the fix for this is? These instant clones are both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

    We are really at a loss as this was sold as a pretty awesome feature but has created some utilization headaches.

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    Have you done any analysis to determine what processes are consuming the memory and CPU?

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  • 07/19/18--10:29: Windows 7 Taskbar Issues
  • Really banging my head against the wall on this one. I have sporadic issue where when a user logs back in, or unlocks their Windows 7 64-bit virtual desktop the task bar will blank out, and the machine is frozen for 15ish seconds.  Have found killing explorer.exe or sending a ctrl+alt+del helps resolve the issue faster, but have been unable to find a root cause.



    -Horizon 7.4

    -View Agent 7.4

    -Windows 7 64-bit

    -2 vCPU and 6 GB vRAM

    -vmxnet 3 NIC

    -PCoIP protocol


    Items attempted so far:

    • Ensure power settings are set to optimal
    • Ensure Symantec is not hanging a process
    • Boot to safe mode and remove iconcache.db (way to much googling here)
    • Remove profile
    • Gave user new machine
    • Re-imaged physical device
    • Re-install View Agent and VMTools
    • Ensure no other monitor drivers were present from 3rd party software.


    The problem I am having is it is difficult to troubleshoot as it doesn't happen every time. I see it more when users are switching between dual monitor thin clients to laptops or vice-versa. Logs haven't given me much direction. Anyone else ever experience this?

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    Like was said before how are you determining this. If I look at the cp-parent vms on mine I see they all use about 1-2mz and about 300mb a piece.




    and then each of the clones use as much as I would expect. I'm curious to see if you did a pre instant clone check and a post instant clone check to and noticed a increase while still serving the same number of VMs. I created our new environment to be 100% instant clone from the beginning so I wasn't able to do that type of research. From what I've seen the memory being used on each of our hosts is expected.

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    The alarms are not accurate by the way, and I think if you upgrade complety to 6.7 the alarms for the cp-parent vms go away.

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    For OSX Mojave Beta I downgraded my VMware View client to 4.1.0 and it corrected the Black Screen issue....FYI.



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