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    Hi, I also have the same problem when I try to connect after a disconnection, I hope that it will quickly settle.

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    This is a common problem. The first step is to triple check that you installed your agents in the correct order. You will want to run through the installation again to be 100% sure.


    Please see this KB about the install order:

    VMware Knowledge Base



    Other things to review is that your Horizon agents are all at the same version as your Horizon servers. Also, make sure the user is using the latest client version.

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    We are running ESXi 6.7 Update 1 and View 7.6. We have a pool of 160 linked clone desktops spread across 3 hosts. These hosts have nVidia Tesla M10 cards in them which requires that you reserve the full amount of memory assigned to a desktop. We have transparent page sharing on this pool set to "Desktop Pool". ESXTOP shows no memory savings under the line starting with PSHARE/MB. If transparent page sharing is actually saving memory, it should show in ESXTOP as illustrated in this article

    VMware Memory Management Part 2 – Transparent Page Sharing (TPS)


    Is the reason the fact that we are using nVidia cards and all memory has to be reserved?


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    I suspect this is due to large pages and/or the memory reservations.  Large pages are not shared, but can be broken down into smaller pages by TPS.  This only occurs if there is memory contention.  I believe with newer hardware and 64-bit guest OS's large pages will be used by default.


    With memory reservations set however, TPS will not break down large pages.

    Fact or Fiction: Does TPS and/or Mem Reservation Help/Hurt Oracle DB Performance - VMware vSphere Blog

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    I talked to VMWare support about this. I described the situation where last night at 9pm I recomposed this pool. The recompose operation finished in about 20 minutes. From 9:20pm until this morning at about 7:30am, no one logged into one of these desktops. At 7am I looked at whether transparent page sharing actually saved memory, this is when I took the screen shot. The VMWare support person I talked to said that transparent page sharing only kicks in when the VM is active. In other words, it is only when students start logging into these VDI machines would transparent page sharing start looking for savings. Since these are linked clones set to refresh on logoff, no saving would ever be found. In the end his explanation is linked cloned set to refresh on logoff would never have memory savings through transparent page sharing.

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    Since we started using Horizon view I've had more than one desktop pool so the client has always stayed up in the background.


    I recently went down to one pool and now, even though "Hide the client after connection" is NOT checked, when I connect to my single desktop pool the client disappears.


    Is this normal? Is there a way to get the client to stay up even with a single pool?


    I ask because I recently moved my VDI from one vcenter to another and one pool to another, which is unsupported, but worked fine, so I'm not sure whether this is normal behavior or not.

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    This is expected with only one pool. There is no need to keep the Windows up.


    What are you looking to do by keeping the pool selection window up?

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    Don't have to type in my password again if I close my window, and easier access to change my monitor selection.


    Small potatoes. Thanks for the reply!

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    Do you have a load balancer? The credentials should stay cached and allow you to disconnect/reconnect until the session expires.

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    Thank you for your answer, the problem is fixed for me.




    Pirate BayYIFYRARBG

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    Bump. Dying to hear if anyone has come across a solution for this.


    I took a Windows 7 VMs where this worked via PCoIP (sound in), and upgraded it to Windows 10, and then I couldn't do sound in. So this wasn't 2 different VMs, it was a direct upgrade and it broke. What about Windows 10 and PCoIP sound in am I missing?

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    This happend mostly for the users who are using the application s like eclipse and even for wlthose who use ms happens randomly...

    Not sure how to reproduce the issue.


    One thing to note here is the network adapter is of e1000e instead of vmxnet3.Whether that would.cause this issue?

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    If your using pciop make sure you have enough video memory for the number of displays you need and the resolution required. I'm not sure if its still an issue, but in an older verison I saw something similar.

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    I am having the same issues.  Agents are 7.6. Everything is internal so no ports are being blocked.   I've opened up a ticket with vmware on this. 

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    Just a suggestion: take a look at the vmware.log file for the VM to see if you notice anything in there. Like sjesse mention, video memory running out will experience this issue. I had something similar when using vGPU cards.

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    This may not be the cause of your issues but you most definitely want to be using vmxnet3 and not e1000e.

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    last weekend we update our horizon environment from 7.4 to 7.6. After that the policy "Ensure desktops are always powered" is not working anymore in all our pools. So i did some Investigation but all the logs looks fine. I also followed this instrctions from that site here

    Terence Luk: VMware Horizon View 7.4.0 virtual desktops does not automatically power on after upgrade 

    but still no luck. Any other suggestions?


    Best regards

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    Having a issue with my desktops in Horizon View.  After 2-3 days of running, users will report that both chrome and firefox no longer work.  Chrome will just not launch and firefox will get a "can't load XPCOM" error.  If I recompose the desktop it works again for another 2-3 days.  The XPCOM error affects every user that logs in to that desktop, the Chrome issue appears to be user specific.  We are using UEM and App Volumes.  Horizon View version is 7.6, issue happening on Windows 10 1607 and 1709.  Hoping someone else has came across this issue and help point us in the right direction.  Thanks



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    This may be a silly question but are the pool and provisioning (if an automated one) enabled for the pool(s) with this problem?

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