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    Are you refreshing or deleting or doing nothing, after logoffs?


    Also, please reference this as it is similar to what we experienced one time after a recompose:


    2. VMware Knowledge Base


    Essentially, this article tells you to shutdown the VM from the console window instead of the Start > Shutdown menu.  Check out the articles.

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    Check this




    If the userinit registry value is corrupted, this can happen, I've seen it on RDSH hosts. I've thought about using a deployment tool for creating these images, but for me at least doing them from scratch both lets me know the the complete process, and I can manually check these keys. Almost always this key is not in the correct format after installing all the agents I need.

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    Next time you get a black screen, put your VM in maintenance mode in View Admin so it does not refresh if you reboot it.


    To collect Agent logs remotely from the Connection Server, run this command in a command prompt

    vdmadmin -A -getDCT -outfile -d pool_name -m virtual_machine_name

    By default, the vdmadmin utility is located at C:\Program Files\VMware\Vmware View\Server\tools\bin in the Connection Server.


    May want to open a case with VMware and have them review the logs


    While you black screen VM is in maintenance mode check your event logs App / System / Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy/Operational


    Search for event id 6005 see what happened before it


    What log on scripts do you have for your VDI environment?

    Enabling Logon script in GPO Makes Windows Login 10 Minutes Long w/ Black Screen - Spiceworks

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    What version of VMWare tools do you have installed on the parent image?

    Were VMWare tools installed before Horizon Agent?

    Are you using linked clones?

    What antivirus is installed on the parent VM?

    Are you using persona management or UEM?

    What hardware version is your parent VM?

    Do you have "Wait for the network" GPO set?

    Are you using Blast or PCoIP?

    What client are you using to connect? Is it 4.8 or newer?

    Is screen DMA enabled or disabled?

    VMware Knowledge Base

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    We have +150 persona users currently and every other day a random user loses its 'full control' rights on its folder. Causing quite some errors as they only receive a 'read only' right on their AppData folder.


    We monitor this by checking the ACL of each folder every X minutes and manually adding the user if something is wrong but this only works reactively sadly.


    As the persona logs are huge I'm currently at a loss to which line I should be looking at.


    • Other users are not impacted, only the random user.
    • This seems to happen at login but aren't able to replicate at the moment.
    • Horizon 7.5.1

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  • 11/14/18--14:32: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • This is pretty bad.

    People buy teradici pcoip for the long run. We have 100 teradici stations, no budget for upgrades soon. They work great.

    But when I tried to update our horizon server from version 7.4 to 7.6, the stations (on teradici zero II firmware 4.8) refused to connect anymore.

    So what do you mean by "we still support pcoip" ?


    David de Leeuw

    Ben Gurion University of the Negev

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    They said a fix is in the next cleint release, by the end of the year. Searched for and wide! I think you can change the background by messing with the Web Client files on your Connection Server.



    We are about to try this. Let me know if it works, Are you messsing with the JSON configuration files at all? Wondering if I can skip the SSL trust.

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    We had to switch back on agent 7.4, since 7.5 the Agent with persona is experiencing a lot of trouble. Rest of the environment is on 7.51 or 7.6, depending on customer. Hope more customers switching to UEM.

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    Due to other dependencies we can't downgrade the agent sadly.

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    Thanks for providing in depth info on the settings.

    However, after settings these two options, I still get a black screen on direct connection - when I say black screen, it appears that I am connected, but just showing black. I'm not quite sure what's getting in the way here.

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    Is the hosting computer a Mac or PC?   If Mac, you must install and old version of RDC.  2.something

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    Sorry, Windows 10, but using Client from Windows 7. Very strange. I guess I'll need to try a combo of different settings... but it's good to hear it can work.

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  • 11/15/18--08:41: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • I've run down this issue and found that it's due to the way the domain is targeted during a clone refresh.


    When the computer account reuse option is used, the computer account is reset when a new instant clone is built. In some networks, this operation can happen on a domain controller that is not local to the site where Horizon is deployed. Thus replication delays cause the computer to be unable to link up with the domain.


    I'm looking for a way to target a specific domain controller, and will let you know if I find one.

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  • 11/15/18--08:47: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • Open a ticket, I'm pretty sure support has a way to point to one domain controller or something similar, I've seen other posts like this but I can't find them at the moment.

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  • 11/15/18--09:06: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • With my support ticket back in 7.2 when I had this problem. Working with their support I added one domain controller that I wanted the connection server to communicate with use for the instant clone process. I haven't had issues with any of my desktops since then or with new versions of Horizon.


    Connect to ASDI edit on your connection server. Go into Properties > ngvcAdDomain > pae-AdDomainController

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  • 11/15/18--15:51: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • Teradici firmware 4.8.x is not certified and tested with Horizon 7.6.0. Firmware 4.8.0/4.8.1/4.8.2 is only certified with Horizon 7.0.


    The latest 6.1.0 firmware is certified with Horizon 7.5.0. Teradici has been slow to keep up with Horizon releases.

    PCoIP Zero Client Firmware 6.1.0 Release Notes

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    Did you get this sorted out? Group the RDSH apps on the Client?



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    Hi there,


    In the last year we've experienced some strange behaviour on our VDI system:


    A user requests a desktop and is assigned a desktop which is allready logged in by another user


    At first we thought this was a glitch... false report (user aren't allway clear about things), we could not believe it to be possible. But lately we're getting more reports on this same issue. Did anyone else experience the same behaviour?



    Please excuse me for not giving any techical detail.... versions and such... I'm not the VDI administrator at our site. Just a concerned person who is wondering how the hell this is possible.





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    Hi Peter

    Sorry, I'm Japanese and I don't speak well.


    I want to confirm user has logon credencial for linkclone/float and it is occured login storme timing, right?

    if is it correct, the problem is occured delayed authentication of Horizon environment to ActiveDirectory.

    As temporary solution, I suggest you might want to restart every Domain Controller and set restarting to task.

    If the problem will not be occured  by temp solution, you wiil add few domain controller as parmanent Solution.

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    Do not mind your english at all.... glad with your reply


    Will investigate that, but I don't think it's a problem with the response time of the domain controller.


    From what I can understand from the reports is as that a user gets a desktop assigned from which an other user has disconnected. It's as if the broker is no longer aware that a user is logged on. That should not have anything to do with domain controller response time.


    As a workaround for the problem we are thinking of logging of a user as soon he/she logs off. But being able to reconnect to a disconnected desktop has been a big advantage for users. We would rather not loose this advantage.

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