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    Understand your situation.

    The problem is not depend on DomainController.

    I have one doubt for your environment, please confirm your DB server's OS and check ESX system time/NTP configurations.

    I know every Horizon server environment shuld keep same clock.

    Broker is Windows and join ActiveDirectory which meaning is force set Broker system time,if the time between Broker and DomainController over 5min.

    Linux/ESX does not force set system time by DomainController.


    Once I faced User select pool on Horizon client and face connection failure sooner.

    the root cause is forgetting ESX NTP configuration and ESX system time goes 5 minutes / unmatch connection server DB log.

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    Below is correct

    Broker is Windows and join ActiveDirectory which meaning is force set Broker system time by DomainController.

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    How many connection brokers do you have? 

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  • 11/16/18--05:49: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • We have started, and plan to continue, transitioning from PCoIP to BLAST.  In some cases already Blast is working better for us than PCoIP.  Though it's mostly healthcare related, we found that the Philips SpeechMike device we use for doctors to transcribe works better with Blast when the VM is Windows 10.  Our physical clients are Wyse 5070.


    We've been using the Wyse 5010, 5060, and now 5070 models, they support both PCoIP and Blast.

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  • 11/16/18--07:18: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • Our virtual users are 100% Zero Client's however I have all of the pools set as BLAST for the default as this makes external use so much better in the desktop client.  We also push our users to use the browser based desktop as much as possible.

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  • 11/16/18--08:01: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • We use PCoIP inside our LAN and Blast Extreme using external access as the last one require much lower bandwidth and works great even when latency is high. So PCoIP is a great protocol as well as Zero Clients which support it but it has it's own pros and cons.

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  • 11/18/18--04:36: Vm Mirage
  • if i use it on a server running 4 hyper v servers will it cause an issue to the hyper v?

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    What version of Horizon are you running and what does your architecture look like? It sounds like your connection servers are out of sync. Try following the resolution in Restart order of the View environment to clear ADLDS (ADAM) synchronization in Horizon View (2068381).

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  • 11/18/18--06:41: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • We are doing the same thing as hunterok and amr12. All of our pools are configured to default to Blast and the user is not able to select the protocol. This forces Blast for external access/internal Horizon Clients and still allows all of our zero clients to connect with PCoIP. We are transitioning to Blast internally as we replace the zero clients.

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  • 11/19/18--09:58: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • Although it may not be supported it does work.. You will need to enable TLS 1.0 / 1.1 on Horizon 7.6


    Enable TLSv1.0 on vCenter Connections from Connection Server


    I know it because I came across the same issue.   I have just a few P25 clients left and the latest available firmware that was free to download.   Since they went to a pay model I went elsewhere for my thin/zero clients.


    Larry B.

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  • 11/19/18--16:06: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • What did you go with?

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  • 11/19/18--21:52: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • Thanks for all your most insidefull replies.


    Sorry for the delay in answering (I am at a course right now)


    A few notes:


    Years ago we had Wyse and other THIN stations, (V10L etc). We had operating troubles as these thin stations were not "dumb terminals". For example, the Hebrew quirks were not fully supported. Also the setup and management needed quite some attention.


    Once  we switched to Teradici PCOIP ZERO stations this solved all our problems, management and service quality wise.

    Our technician only checks mouses, keyboards and screens.


    The Teradici pay model (above 100 stations you pay 30 $ per year per station) is in our budget model a real pain.

    As we have exactly 100 stations, I refrained from upgrading the O.S. over 4.X.


    When the classes got stuck on applying Horizon Connection manager 7.6, I downgraded the connection manager to 7.4. The Remote Desktop Servers run Agent 7.6 and all is fine.

    If for some reason I need to upgrade Horizon, I will allow TLS 1.0.


    On future expansion we need to think how to proceed. I would love to continue with PCOIP Zero stations, but not decided.

    This is apparently mainly to blame on Teradici !

    Best wishes from the sunny Dead Sea...


    David de Leeuw

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    Is there any update on webcam support on Vmware View (we are using 7.4) for thin clients? Either on blast or PCoIP?



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    As mentioned years ago in this thread, RTAV (Real Time audio video) support from Windows/Linux/OSX Horizon clients will support webcams properly.  It is still there in the latest Horizon versions.  I don't ever see the RTAV functionality coming to Teradici zero clients.  I'd suggest looking at a different type of client if it's a requirement of yours.

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    You can't change the background for the app just the HTML login.

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  • 11/20/18--10:45: vcenter offline
  • how will vcenter offline affect horizon view? only for recompose operations not for existing of new connections to the connection servers right?

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  • 11/20/18--13:22: Re: PCoIP Roadmap\Lifecycle
  • 10zig zero & thin clients.  


    They have been around for forever and a day.   My guys seems to like their mgmt. interface and ease of deployment and use.



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  • 11/20/18--13:47: Re: vcenter offline
  • Users will be able to login to available desktops. Provisioning/Refresh/Recompose/Rebalance or power on operations cannot be completed.

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    hello community,


    it's possible to use the BSG only for HTML5 connection and let Horizon Clients connect directly to the VMs? I want to get rid of certificate warning without having to mess with the client certificates and without forcing all traffic to go trough the BSG for performance reasons.



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    It's not possible with current versions. It's an excellent question though and an understood requirement.

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