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    Correct.  That would only work if you modified every VM in the pool.  Typically for testing like this I create 1-3 VMs in a "test" pool.

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    First test with removing UEM gave the same results so I can now exclude UEM as the culprit. I will now be trying using the registry edit.

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    OK, well it looked promising, but it now just waits for 2 minutes for the USB to become unavailable with the registry key added.


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    Do you actually have the policy for the pool set to allow USB?  I only ever had the problem when trying to use USB and UEM smart policies to control USB.  Do you have any firewalls in place between your physical desktop and the VDI desktop?  USB traffic is on a different port 32111 than normal PCOIP or BLAST traffic.


    Edit:  Also, are you connecting directly to connection servers or is there a device that you use like an F5 appliance in between?

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    I was thinking firewall, but that went out the window when I noticed it worked on reconnect.


    No smart policy has been applied via UEM. I have tried it though,

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    I have tracked the issue down to Appvolumes. If I remove it from the image, the USB Redirection works as expected. One Appvolumes agent is installed, it reverts to the previous non working USB. So this led me to look at the writable volumes. Upon inspection, I saw that there were 4 appstacks that were "missing". They were applied to a group that I was a member of and would not delete. Rather than mess around with the DB and risk a corruption, I decided to jut upgrade to version I was then able to delete the 4 volumes in error state and viola! The VDI guests all now see the USB each and every time I log in.

    EDIT: I spoke to soon. As soon as I reattached a volume and logged off, the USB no longer works.

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  • 01/07/19--04:03: HTML Access
  • Hi,

    is it possible to install HTML access after having already deployed the connection server without this option ?

    Seems that there is no standalone installer and the only way is to uninstall and install again the whole connection server, just asking if someone can confirm.


    Thank you

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  • 01/07/19--10:26: Re: HTML Access
  • I ran into the same issue and the only solution I could find was a uninstall/install. This isn't a big deal since the data is stored in the database (just make sure not to remove it).

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    If the application doesn't use the native OpenFileDialog then the drive letters won't be hidden. Even if they are hidden, the end user can still browse to the C drive by manually typing it.


    We restrict users from accessing the C drive by using the "Prevent access to drives from My Computer" group policy setting. Even if they can see it, they cannot access it.

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  • 01/07/19--16:24: Re: HTML Access
  • Just to add that I had the same problem. Only solution I know of is to uninstall it completely and reinstall. As BenFB said, do not remove the AD LDS database. See screenshot




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    Issue has now been resolved. Here are the steps I took.


    I did a couple things to correct the issue. Not sure which was the actual “fix”


    1. Unassigned all app volumes from their target users and machines.
    2. Created a new App Volumes template
    3. Switched the default template within App volumes to the newly created template
    4. Cleaned up 2 missing App Volumes that were not able to be deleted previously.
    5. Reverted to the previous App Volume template
    6. Deleted the new template created in #2
    7. Uninstalled App Volumes agent from client master image
    8. Upgraded App Volumes to current version
    9. Reinstalled App Volumes agent (most current vesion) on Master image
    10. Pushed new image (instant clone)
    11. Assigned appropriate app stack to user/computer groups


    USB working as expected.

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  • 01/08/19--08:22: Desktop Disconnected
  • Horizon View Admin 5.3.0

    Horizon View Client 4.10.0 (Mac)


    I have a couple of pools using floating linked clones. Recently, a couple of my Mac users are unable to connect to the pools. When they try, there's a delay of maybe 3-5 seconds then an error:


    Desktop disconnected

    The connection to the remote computer ended.


    When I log into View Administrator and look at the events for the pool, I see:


    User MYDOMAIN\myname requested Pool pool_name

    User MYDOMAIN\myname requested Pool pool_name, allocated machine vm-3

    The agent running on machine VM-3 has accepted an allocated session for user MYDOMAIN\myname

    The pending session on machine VM-3 for user MYDOMAIN\myname has expired


    I don't understand why it's suddenly stopped working. Any suggestions on fixes, workarounds, and things to investigate?

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  • 01/08/19--08:37: Re: Desktop Disconnected
  • I just downgraded to Client 4.9.0, and it's working.

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  • 01/08/19--08:55: View Mandatory Profile
  • Hello,


    We have setup a mandatory profile for our View Desktops and I am curious to know how we can confirm the profile is indeed being used??  When I login to a view desktop, I look up C:\Users and see the mandatory.v2 folder however I also see a folder for the user logged into the desktop.


    How can I know for sure the mandatory profile is being used?


    Thank you.

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  • 01/08/19--09:11: Re: View Mandatory Profile
  • If you have UEM you can look in the FlexProfile Log when you logon, the location depends on your configuration. I think its also in the logon monitor logs in C:\programdata\vmware\logon monitor\ folder. You can also go to the control panel to system> advanced system properties, and then click on the advanced tab. In there is user profiles and click on settings



    you will see all the profiles listed, and it should say mandatory if its being used. The last one I believe requires admin rights though to see correctly.

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    I'm using UAG 3.2.1 for radius authenticated external connections into our Horizon 7.5.0 environment.


    Does anyone know if its possible to be prompted for AD credentials first, followed by RADIUS passcode, rather than RADIUS username and passcode then AD creds?


    Long story, but our users are used to being prompted this way for other systems access, so it's a big issue.


    It looks like I have to setup a whole Identity Manager environment to facilitate this where you simply specify the order, ie password, Radius.




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    Error occured during vCentre Operation when trying to provision Linked clones

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    I got some sketchy instructions from VMWare to re-enable TLS 1.0 in v4.10. Here's what I developed from them and it WORKS for me:


    I got THIS to work! Try it, first making sure that VMWare Horizon Client is loaded (but not running) on the iPhone/iPad


    1) Create a file named config.txt on a computer (desktop or laptop) that is not your phone/tablet. It should contain one line: TLSv10 = enable (there's a space on both sides of the = sign)

    2) If you don't already have it, download & install the latest version of iTunes to the computer and run it.

    3) Plug in the iPhone/iPad. It should show up as an icon near the upper-left corner of the iTunes app. Click it.

    4) In the left menu bar under Settings, click Apps

    5) You'll see a center section with images that look like the screen on your iPhone/iPad. Scroll down the page and you'll see File Sharing

    6) Under Apps, you should see Horizon. Click it.

    7) Below and to the right of that section, you'll see a button labeled Add File. Click it and navigate to the config.txt file on your computer. Add it and select the Done button in the lower right corner.


    Now try to use Horizon Client and log into your VM!


    Oh yes -- be sure to DISABLE updates on your device or when v4.11 comes along, you'll be back in the same place you started from!

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    I had the same challenge with setting up RADIUS/MFA using the UAG/Horizon. I didn't find a way around it. I wish there was better support for radius / federation in UAG.


    As you mention, IDM is the route I went. With IDM (Workspace), I have it configured to auth with an 3rd party IDP. Users are sent to Shibboleth to do the authentication (MFA/AD auth). Using this method, I had to setup TrueSSO for the single signin experience.

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    I'm noticing the same issue using the Windows Store app.  But it's not the entire keyboard that doesn't work, only alphanumeric keys.  I can still tab around to different fields and use the F keys.  The on-screen keyboard in Windows will work fine.


    I'll let you know if I find anything.

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