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    thanks for you are prompt answer, but i create one VM (dekstop) and assign it one user and i get this error. I try also to deploy automated pool and get the same error

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    it's ok now, i saw that i had 2 connections on same desktop, first connection in a VM and try to connect again buy Horizon view client.

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    What version of VMWare tools is installed on the parent? Assuming you are on 7.5.1 agent since your Horizon View is 7.51


    If i am not mistaken 10.3.2 is included with ESXi 6.7 U1, and I don't see that version listed on the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices for 7.5.1 at all. Version 10.3.0 is not supported either.


    VMware ESXi 6.7 Update 1 Release Notes

    VMware Product Interoperability Matrices



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  • 01/12/19--09:52: Re: Disabliing RDP
  • @eric Thank You, Nessus is my problem too.
    I assume you disabled "Allow users to connect remotely by using remote desktop services".

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  • 01/12/19--10:14: Re: Disabliing RDP
  • I've done this in the past using a combination of the firewall and changing this setting to "Don't allow connections to this computer" using group policy..

    2019-01-11 15_17_12-System Properties.png

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  • 01/13/19--13:57: Re: Disabliing RDP
  • Yes

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    Try turning off storage acceleration in view admin to see if that fixes it.


    We found for linked clones that storage acceleration wasn't worth the delay.


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  • 01/13/19--23:49: Horizont web server not work
  • Good day,

    There was a problem after rebooting the VMV server.

    http and https stopped working

    all services are running

    tomcat is present in the processes

    but in netstat there is no open port 80 and 443

    found nothing critical in the logs

    Moreover, the client’s connection through this server passes, also in netstat you can see that it is connected to other vmv servers

    Which way to dig?

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  • 01/14/19--01:23: Re: Disabliing RDP
  • if it matter of security,

    close the port in the firewall

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    After installing Office on your Master Image, you should not start Office (word, ecxel ..).

    Office may not get a License


    If Office already started, you need to "ream" the License on our Master.


    cscript ospp.vbs /rearm



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  • 01/14/19--04:27: Re: Desktop Disconnected
  • Would you be able to share the workaround for mobile clients as we currently have a few Ipad users who cannot connect to desktops.


    We are running Horizon View Admin 6.0.1

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    Do you have multiple connection servers or did you recently remove one? The Horizon Administrator page will only load once all of the connection servers are up.


    Restart order of the View environment to clear ADLDS (ADAM) synchronization in Horizon View (2068381)

    Note: All Connection servers must be started before you can use the View Administrator page. The administrator page may not appear to function until all Connection servers are started. This is an expected behavior.

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  • 01/14/19--08:26: Re: Desktop Disconnected
  • An upgrade to Horizon 6.2.1 or newer would also solve your issue. You should prioritize an upgrade or migration to Horizon 7.x as Horizon View 6.x goes end of general support in 6 months on 2019/06/19.


    There is a VMware supplied workaround available.

    Re: Version 4.10.0 not working on ipad

    There is a per-device workaround that allows Horizon Client for iOS 4.10 to continue working with TLS 1.0:

    • Create a new file named config.txt
    • Add a new line to this file:
    TLSv10 = enable
    • Connect the iOS device to a computer that has iTunes installed
    • Open iTunes and select File Sharing on connected device
    • Select Horizon in Apps
    • Click Add… button to add config.txt into Horizon App
    • Relaunch Horizon App

    Re: vmware horizon 4.10 for mac causes "desktop disconnected" on every connection attempt while v4.9 works smoothly idkw

    The latest Horizon Clients have turned off support for TLS 1.0, an older encryption framework with multiple security vulnerabilities. If your company is on an older version of the server software, for instance Horizon View 5.X, it won’t support the newer encryption connections. There is a work-around for mobile clients that I have been sharing with companies when they reach out to me. Otherwise, you can stay on the Horizon Clients 4.9 until you can update your environment.


    Thanks, Kristina


    Product Line Manager


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    So, in the vSphere console it shows the VM running tools 10338 - if I look directly on the VM in Windows in Apps & Features it shows tools Comparing against the VMWare Product Interoperability Matrices, it doesn't have an option to select tools 10.3.2. However, it does show 10.3.5 as compatible with horizon 7.5.1, so I'll manually download that and give it a try.

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    Turned off Storage Accelerator on one of my Win10 test pools, and unfortunately that didn't seem to help - the VM is still at the Win10 circular dots going around in circles as I type this....going on 20 minutes now. Sigh.

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    What are you running for anti-virus? We've seen similar issues with anti-virus causing both Windows 7 and Windows 10 boot issues or reports of corruption.


    Regarding the VMware product interoperability matrix. If a version is not listed (e.g. VMware Tools 10.3.2) than it's not considered a tested and supported version.

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    For AV we're running System Center Endpoint Protection - interesting on the interoperability matrix....when I select horizon 7.5.1 and Windows 10 agent, absoutely nothing comes up. Even if I select horizon 7.5.1 7.6 and 7.7, it displays nothing. Is that saying Win10 is not supported with any of those view agents?

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    The interoperability matrix just covers Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Agent compatibility. You can find Windows 10 compatibility on Supported versions of Windows 10 on Horizon Agent Including All VDI Clones (Full Clones, Instant Clones, and Linked Clones on Horizon 7) (2149393).


    I would try removing SEP temporarily and see if that resolves your issue. We had to work with our anti-virus vendor to get them to play nice with our linked clones. I know others have had trouble with SEP.

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    Do you refresh on log off?


    Wondering if you can put one of your VMs in maintenance mode and initiate a reboot? Once VM is rebooted you can examine the system and app logs for errors & warnings that are logged after reboot is initiated.

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  • 01/15/19--10:51: Re: Recomposing Issue
  • You may want to restart the composer service or reboot the composer VM if installed separately!

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