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    I've done some more testing and Blast doesn't seem to have helped the issue.  After some extensive testing, the issue almost appears to be on the virtual desktop side but only to the printers that are there passed through from ThinPrint.  Some jobs take longer time to queue up than others.  When the job takes longer, it will show up in the queue as for example at 5.0 MB in size and sit there.  Then... shortly after, the size shows as 5.0/5.0 MB and then the job is moved out and transferred to the Thin Client very quickly from there forward.  I'm not sure if this helps.


    I also did another test by using a full clone VM.  I print to the same printer that is appearing via ThinPrint, and it's slow queueing up.  If I install that very same printer local inside the full clone, it's very fast.  This again shows me that the issue is clearly only when using a printer that is from ThinPrint, are we seeing the issue.


    Unfortunately we are stuck on this one at the moment and it's affecting our production work. 

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    Hi All! The client needs to block USB and limit downloading function, would standard version be enough or it has to be enterprise version?


    Thank you.

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    I would also setup and check your Events Database as well. This may give  you more information as to where it is stuck in the process.

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    You do not have to install the USB redirection agent component. Also, check the GPO bundles for Horizon to control agent and client capabilities.

    The standard version is sufficient.

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    I've honestly never changed that setting.  As far as I can tell from the manual it may only apply to desktops with the PCOIP host card in them which is different than the APEX  ... someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • 01/27/18--01:07: Instant Clone - Issues
  • During push image , we have noticed the following error several times, Any possible root cause ?? Kindly advise


    The SAM database on the windows server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.

    The Horizon version was 7.3.2

    Instant clone pool has enabled "reuse Pre-existing computer accounts"

    Master image is not joined to domain

    Windows 10 1703 build




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  • 01/27/18--01:15: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • Sound like a DNS issue.  Do you see any DNS or name resolution related errors in the event log?

    You need to update the SPN with correct values -

    If you really want to understand the background process, review Joes’s blog -

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  • 01/27/18--01:26: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • We have to run these commands and verity it in the master image or where?? .

    This is happening not all the times, for example I have created a domain user called vmadmin and assigned a VDI pool for this user, the pool has 3 VDI desktops, when the vmadmin logged into the pool the first time, 2nd time and 3rd time he is able to login & logout successfully, on his 4th time he gets the sam database error when he clicks the error he gets VMware SSO screen.

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    Block USB can be done with Horizon agent , if you don't select the option while you installing the Horizon agent your users are restricted to use USB. This can be done with Horizon Standard Edition. To limit downloading functions can be done by using Group Policies or from the network switch level.

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  • 01/28/18--11:29: Re: Rebooting Brokers
  • What process are you using to reboot the servers? Are you booting them all at once? One at a time?


    I've run in to the same issue a few times. My understanding is the admin console website doesn't respond until ADLDS replication has completed on all the Connection Servers. To try and speed this up I always check with Connection Server is currently acting as the ADLDS master, and make sure this server is the last to be shutdown and the first to be powered back on. There's a KB article that describes the process for finding the ADLDS master here.


    Give this a go next time you need to reboot your Connection Servers and let me know if it helps.

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  • 01/29/18--02:21: MacOS mouse is crazy
  • Hello everybody,


    We are using Horizon Client 4.0 from a MacBook and when we are connected to a remote app, mouse is going crazy.

    It clicks and move alone without any interaction with the MacBook cursor.


    On our Windows OS we've got no problem.


    So I try with the Blast and PCoIP protocol, we get the same behavior, we try to update clients with the 2018 version and it's the same.


    Some users are using DrCleaner on MacOS to clean some RAM and problem seems to disappear.

    We get this behavior on all MacOS device.


    Someone could help me ?


    Thank you in advance,




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    If you're enforcing PCoIP, Port 443 is (besides initial handshake & authentication) used for things like Client Drive Redirection and USB Redirection.


    OK thanks.  I didn't realize those two things were also using 443.  According to some of the Horizon docs, it says USB redirection uses 32111 TCP, but doesn't mention the Client Drive Redirection or other traffic.  I appreciate the help.

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    I have submitted a ticket for this, as we are needing to resolve this issue.  I will post any useful details back here.  Thanks.

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    You may also want to check out this KB; it contains a step to disable the mapping of the default printer from the Thin Client, to the VM.


    Windows 7 desktops with ThinPrint display only the default printer (1032872)

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    FYI, AppVolumes does work however there is still a slight delay compared to not redirecting anything at all.  The delay is usually around 10-20 seconds on every logon.  This all started with Windows 10 and how it initializes the profiles now, different from Win7.

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  • 01/29/18--11:51: Re: MacOS mouse is crazy
  • Update to the latest Mac client (4.7)


    Download VMware Horizon Clients

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    Hello.  I am trying to use the PowerShell script to install UAG 3.2.  This will be a huge time saver over the OVF if I can get past the last remaining issue.  When I configure the ini file with a single IPV4 address, the appliance installs, but grabs a DHCP address instead.  I can see the OVF properties is missing the STATICV4 setting that is required when building the appliance using the GUI OVF installation.  Is there an ini file setting to set STATICV4 during the installation?


    Thank you.

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    We would like to completely block users from interacting with the OS, other than the applications that have been exposed.  In the Horizon View 7.0 sidebar, there is a button in the nav bar to Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  I'd like this disabled, in conjunction with keystrokes.  What are the GPO keys to prevent this? And - is there an easy way to disable the UI button (i.e. properties file), or is the recommended way to dig through the portal code to disable?



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    In our environment with our smartcards, we must install middleware on the parent VM.

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  • 01/29/18--20:53: Re: Rebooting Brokers
  • I was rebooting them one at a time, even though I know the proper method is a full shutdown. Do you recommend sticking to that formula, powering them ALL off and coming up one by one?


    Thanks for the reply, definitely something I need to look at.

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