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    Hope someone can help me out with the following error.



    I am working on a VMware Horizon 7.3.2 environment with only one Windows 10 (Enterprise x64 1607) Instant Clone Pool (+/- 20 desktops).

    Like almost everyone, I use the OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) to optimize the golden/master/base image for VDI. The only thing we change is from the defaults is place a check at "disable the first logon experience".



    Since november 2017 or something the provisioning process breaks after customizing the cp-template machine.

    Cloning the golden/master/base image is successful, it re configures the cp-template, starts-up, and then it times out after 600 seconds (10 minutes).

    After half a day (error created in evening), when I enable provisioning in the morning it is going pass the timeout and provisioning is successful.



    My first thoughts were going to DHCP, DNS and AD, but they are working correctly (monitored all the registrations). The itXXXXXX is member of the AD and also gets an IP-address of the right DHCP server and register it in DNS.

    So continued troubleshooting and it works only correctly when when I don't use the "OS Optimization Tool". It never times out at the above step in the process.


    Error in log:

    Within the Horizon Connection Server logs I see one line of the error without any root cause to search for: 2018-01-17T13:35:46.020+01:00 DEBUG (0D5C-1278) <WFE-01> [WaitForInternalTemplateAction] Internal Template: vm-4377 customization state returns: error.


    Alert in Horizon:

    The error in Horizon View Administrator Console (Desktop Pool) is: After waiting for 600 seconds internal template VM: vm-4377 is still has not finished customization. Giving up!.


    Does one of you experience, read or find a solution for this? Within OSOT a lot of customizations take place and it is searching for a needle in a haystack.

    Thank you in advance.



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  • 01/30/18--05:24: Re: MacOS mouse is crazy
  • "We try to update clients with the 2018 version and it's the same."

    The 2018 client is the 4.7.

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    It would not be possible to limit teh size of dump files , its similar to event viewer files which logs the events related to desktops

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    Personally I find the optimisation tool heavy handed, particulary when having to deploy VDI to a large complex environment.


    You might want to try not disabling so many windows services.  I've had problems with the IPHelper service being disabled for instance.


    Microsoft have thier own recommended settings for Windows 10 VDI's which improve performance, the UI, switch off all of the telemetry sending services and generally make the VDI less consumer and more enterprise ready.  Using GPO's enforces and maintains the settings too.


    Recommended configuration for VDI desktops | Microsoft Docs


    All of the optimisation templates just come with a disclaimer stating that changes might break your VDI, which they have.  :-)

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    Thank you for the tip.

    I will have take a look at your link and try it this way.


    About your last sentence I agree and I know that disclaimer, but I could hardly believe that the OS optimization tool (default template) get things not working.

    It have been working for 3/4 months, within the environment almost nothing changed. The things that changed were reverted back to the level when it worked (i.e. Microsoft patches).

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    No problem, hope it helps you out.

    The tool itself and default templates update regularly.  Had you obtained a more recent version maybe?

    Are you able to logon to the cp-template machine when the customisation is supposed to be occuring?  If AD\DNS are all good you should have no issues there.  I've had the "trust relationship" error in the past as the computer object was created on a DC that wasn't handling that logon session resulting in the "giving up" message.

    Checking the composer log at c:\windows\temp\vmware\ may provide more clues.

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    Have used the b1094 (built-in Windows 10 Template) and the newest b1096 (built-in Windows 10 Template and also tried the LoginVSI one).


    In the cp-template we can logon with a local account, but is not added to the domain. The it%number% (which is the computername of the cp-template) is added to the domain.

    We don't have a composer server, because we use instant clones so logging can only be done from vCenter or Connection Server.

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  • 01/30/18--07:43: Admin Console access
  • We're running VMware View 5.1.2, Up until yesterday the Connection Admin Console webUI worked both on the server and across systems on our network. Now - strangely it only works from my desktop. On the local server and other systems I tested with it returns "This page can't be displayed". The server's firewall is disabled, I disabled the Anti-virus but neither resolves the issue. I tried renaming this folder (VMware\VMware View\Server\broker\webapps\admin) and restarting this service "vmware view web component", which recreated the amin folder but problem continues. Are there any logs that might prove helpful in determing the console issue?

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    Surpise - the composer log does get written to during instant clone prep.  I don't use composer server either.

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  • 01/30/18--09:12: Re: Rebooting Brokers
  • It only takes a couple of minutes for the webgui to be operational on any of the deployments I've been involved with.


    I suspect this could be down to replication as already mentioned; especially as you have 7 CS's (assumption that you have a massive deployment for that many).

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    I've not tried this as it's something that has never been an issue; however, there is a standard group policy you can enable that should achieve this at an OS level (applied to your RDSH servers hosting the apps):


    Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options: Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL + ALT + DEL (Enabled)


    This won't remove the ctrl alt delete option from the client though, but should stop it working. I don't believe there is a way to remove the button from the client, as this would require some level of interaction with the machine the client is run from (which may be a users personal device / not domain joined).

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    Thanks - I will give the GPO suggestion a try.  With a CSS override, I can at least disable the button in the client which may be sufficient.

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    It works perfectly for me.

    Can you confirm that you create a Network Protocol Profile, and set all of the three below mentioned .ini entries to the same network name?






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    It would be the external IP of the security server 2.  Both Security servers have external identities and when using PCOIP, after authentication the client will connect directly to the security server rather than go through the load balancer again.

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    I have encountered the same issues with Horizon 7.4 , instant clone, VDI getting logoff after disconnect. Is there is any permanent fix for this issues???

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    I am running Horizon view 7.4 , every time when I launch the virtual desktop , I am getting the windows screen after that immediately getting disconnected , I have even tried both from web client as well as Horiozn client also both are having issues...

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    I tried both disabled and enabled states of the following property, but, I can still send Ctrl+Alt+Delete from the client, subsequently launch the Task Manager, and subsequently choose to run 'cmd.exe', for example.  So unfortunately, I don't think will help.  Any other suggestions?


    Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options: Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL + ALT + DEL (Enabled)

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  • 01/31/18--12:01: Re: Admin Console access
  • check the certificate , is it valid?

    check horizon view logs

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  • 01/31/18--16:55: Re: Rebooting Brokers
  • I power the servers down one at a time, making sure the ADLDS master is the last to power down. I then power them up in the reverse order. I've found replication between Connection Servers tends to start up quicker this way, but I don't have an environment with 7 servers like you do. The most I have is four Connection Servers and two Security Servers, which I don't bother to reboot unless I need to.

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    Hello All,


    We are exploring the feasibility of using Biometric based authentication for Windows 10.


    I was wondering if anyone has successfully configured Windows Hello For Business on Windows 10

    Is it supported on Windows 10 on VDI desktop? I have not seen any support statement on it.

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