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    Hi AI37x,

    Client installer also contained some files to make remote experience features work, the 1.4 MB is not right.


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    Hi folks,


    We recently deployed Windows 10 desktops and App Volumes/ UEM.


    Give you an idea - linked clone/floating:

    - Windows 10 Pro x64

    - VMWare Tools

    - Horizon Agent 7.4.0


    The problem: A user prints off a PDF file using Thin Print and it sometimes (not always) prints it out as garbled text, other times, it will not print out the whole document, only parts.


    I'm not sure why this is happening. I have generated Thin Print logs but am not sure what I'm looking for - perhaps someone here might know?


    I've tried different versions of the agent/tools to no avail. Different PDF applications. Various printer settings.


    Anyone come across this and could possibly advise on some things to try?


    Many thanks,


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    Have you tried this KB?

    VMware Knowledge Base

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    Please take a look at this article. We had the same issue and this fixed it


    VMware Knowledge Base

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    They package in the visual c++ redistribution packages into the installer. That will increase the size of the package.

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    Let me know what you find. We are still on 7.3.1 and I'm not sure when we will upgrade to 7.4 or beyond.





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  • 03/02/18--07:14: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • The thing that has me scratching my head about certs though, in particular our wildcard cert, is if I disable tunneling via the UAG, I can get in via PCoIP/BLAST on them. Even externally through the F5s. The cert hasn't changed, it's still the same wildcard cert.


    The wildcard cert I have on the UAGs is the same wildcard cert from the same CA as the one out on F5 for the LTMs, but, it does have a different expiration date. It expires later. Essentially they gave us a newer version of the wildcard. It's been in the back of my mind that perhaps that's a mismatch still,but, like I said no one complains at me about cert(s), UNTIL I enable the tunnel.


    Just tested now to be certain. UAGs configured with only PCoIP/Blast enabled: get right in via the LTM from external. Enable tunnel on the UAGs, connect the same way: "Connection Server authentication failed. The tunnel server presented a certificate that didn't match the expected certificate.". This is still with the tunnel configured as my UAG LTM FQDN:443.


    Have a ticket with support open, so, we'll see what they find. I'm pretty stumped by now.

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    I did come across that. Funny thing is, I don't have that folder (TPView) it's asking to create the DWORD within. I seem to have everything else. Unless that folder is part of some older agent...


    Were you using the same Horizon Agent?


    kind regards,


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    We were using 7.1 or 7.0 at the time we had the issue. Its the font pack that fixed our issue.



    From KB





    Garbled characters are printed when a web page is printed though ThinPrint using Remote App IE or RDS desktop. This issue occurs if some fonts are not installed or missing on the Windows client.

    Mainly, font mapping sometimes doesn't work correctly when using the different Windows family OS between source and target machine.


    It is important that the fonts pack need to be installed on the Windows client.


    For example,when running such as windows 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 on source system and previous version Windows 7 on target machine, characters are sometimes not printed correctly using ThinPrint.


    to resolve this issue installing the below font pack.


    Download Yu Gothic Yu Mincho Font Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center:

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  • 03/02/18--09:58: Youtube Performance Poll
  • Hey guys,


    Simple question here, if I have a basic Horizon setup, say v7.2, should I be expected to be able to view Youtube videos at 480p?


    No GPUs or anything, nothing fancy, just 1 or 2 vCPU and 2 GB RAM. I'm testing this and where I wouldn't necessarily expect it to play 720p+ videos very well I would have thought 480p is a reasonable expectation.


    I've tested with PCoIP and Blast, Blast is slightly better and it's kinder watchable but I'd give it a 7/10 as they break up a fair bit. Maybe just a general poll in response as to what should be expected for this sort of setup would be useful.



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  • 03/02/18--10:00: Re: Youtube Performance Poll
  • Oh yeh, I'm using the full Windows Horizon Client to keep things simple, no zero or thins

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  • 03/02/18--11:05: Re: Youtube Performance Poll
  • You left out a very important detail.  What type of network connection are you testing this on?  Are you applying any display protocol group policies or UEM smart policies other than the defaults?

    Are you testing in full screen, or windowed mode?  I've found 2vCPU's to be adequate for watching videos within the browser window, not maximized, and have had good performance with 720/1080 when the machine has 4vCPU.  This was with no other apps running, just a base Win7 or Win10 optimized install.  This is on a local, 1GB LAN connection with no display protocol GPO's in place (such as bandwidth limiting, quality settings, etc)

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    I was having the same problem with 1709, this is the registry setting I had to change on the base machine to get mine to finish customizing


    Windows 10: Fall Creators Build 1709 Experiences

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  • 03/03/18--18:48: Re: Rebooting UAGs
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    My Windows 10 laptop currently has one HDMI-out port, which I use to connect one external monitor.  I also have a Dell USB 3.0 display adapter (470ABHH) that will allow me to connect a 2nd display via the laptop's USB 3.0 port.  The adapter works when using Windows.


    The goal is to use dual monitor remoting via the Horizon Client on these external monitors.  When I log into the remote machine via Horizon client (but with USB display adapter disconnected, and thus 2nd external monitor disconnected), I can see dual remote display on my external HDMI-connected monitor and on my laptop screen.  So it works in this case.  However, when I log into the remote machine via Horizon client (but with USB display adapter connected, thus 2nd external monitor connected), the dual display stops working, and the desktop from the remote machine only displays on my laptop screen.  I want to see the remote desktops on my two external monitors, but it doesn't give me the option.  Am I doing something wrong, or does Horizon client not work with the USB display adapter? 


    Will it work if I can turn off USB redirection for the adapter? 


    I know this question was touched upon several years ago in thread: USB Display Adapters


    But that was several years ago, and I wanted to know if this capability was added. 


    Thank you..

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    Yes, you'll want to disable redirection for this adapter and let it present itself as a second monitor for the Horizon Client.

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  • 03/05/18--01:06: Re: Youtube Performance Poll
  • What I'm trying to get at, is what is expected with assumed perfect environmental conditions, fast networks etc, but default optimizations and policies in place.


    Two screens enabled 1920 x 1200 on the pool (only one actually in use), with YouTube on Default View (showing comments and so on)

    Windows 7 32-bit

    No other applications open

    Using Chrome - IE seems worse

    ESXi hosts with very few other desktops running

    10 GB datacenter LAN

    Over the internet using UAG and a fast connection

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    Thanks for your answer. 

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  • 03/05/18--10:14: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • we are still facing this issues even though I have enabled "Reuse of existing computer account" in the pool settings. Any thoughts to have permanent fixes.

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  • 03/05/18--10:19: Re: Rebooting UAGs
  • I think that's what we're going to do tomorrow, review the iApp. One line that keeps sticking out to me, that may or may not be the issue, is this one, found on page 21 of the PDF:


    In the Virtual Servers and Pools section, complete the following. a. Type the IP address for the virtual server. b. Type the FQDN to which external clients will connect with the Horizon Client.


    Item B. in particular. Right now our F5 admin has the DC2 LTM FQDN in there for the DC2 iApp, instead of the GTM. The users will actually use the GTM to connect, but, I guess he went with the LTM FQDN upon creation. He did the same on the DC1 iApp. For that entry, he has the DC1 LTM FQDN, instead of the GTM. I can see where he's going with that thought process, but, might have him switch to the GTM and test.

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