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    Zero client = PCoIP. This is because zero client are based on tera2 chipset from Teradici (PCoIP authors).


    For Blast you will need ordinary thin clients wit Windows or Linux. But I believe that Wyse ThisOS is firmware like OS (cutdown version of linux/bsd ?) and it has support for blast extreme protocol.

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    Where is the best place to have print server for VDI users in remote office ?

    a) At the HQ DC where the VDIs are running

    b) At the branch office where are located printers


    We try to minimise BW consumption and even more important that printing is responsive.


    Latency between remote office and HQ is around 100ms and BW is 10/10 mbps.

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    Ahh right, i thought they were just any client that doesn't run a configurable OS and i saw these which are apparently Zero Clients that run 'NOS'??

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    We demo the 10ZiG zero and thin clients with Blast Extreme. Their zero clients are running a linux OS that has been highly customized. I'd recommend doing a PoC of Dell/Wyze, 10ZiG and HP. From our research and reference calls those were the top three. They each have theirs ups and downs.


    I would be looking for a device that can run the native Horizon Client so it has the full feature set (10ZiG is good about doing this). That way you don't get locked in to a device that won't support newer features that you may want to use (This was our biggest gripe with zero clients. No support for RTAV). You can use the VMware Compatibility Guide - View (Thin Clients) Search to narrow down your search.

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    I'm running onedrive using writable volumes and it seems to be working OK. The writable volume must be given a drive letter though (it's hidden from user)

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    I was looking some more into this and I would say that depends on whether you have client or server side rendering.


    With client site rendering I assume that it doesn't matter where you have print server since print job is rendered on the client and that rendered file must be sent to printer. Bun with server side rendering I would think it is better o have print server where the printers are. Since usually spooled print jobs get much bigger than it was original file.


    Does it make any sense  

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    Hi, did you ever get this issue fixed as we are having the same issue with terminal server applications launched via Horizon. Thanks

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    Hi Scoop,


    we are trying to configure one drive and I can not able to make it work for multiple users, meaning when I launch one drive on parent image, I can able use it but when I create VDI pool using the same image my users are not able to launch it on there VDI's


    Do I know is there any steps that I missed during configuring one drive on parent image? generally I installed one drive as administrator on parent image and took snapshot and used it while creating VDI pool


    Thank you,


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    What should I do now ? Do I need to Install this software again

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    I've setup a Proof of Concept environment for Horizon 7.  I've got a test user successfully logging in and getting a desktop from either instant clone or linked clone pools.


    I'm now trying to authenticate users using a 3rd Party SAML authenticator.  I've followed the scant documentation provided at Using SAML Authentication to setup a Static authenticator.  I've copied the metadata from and sent it over to the IDP.  In Horizon View Administrator, the dashboard shows all services are in the green - including SAML.


    In the metadata, I see the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL:



    When I perform an IDP initiated login, I'm greeted by a 404 error when the IDP sends a POST to the specified Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL:


    Directly navigating to this ACS URL also returns a 404 - is this really the correct ACS URL?


    What could be the issue?  Has anyone been able to get this working?


    Thanks muchly,


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    Anybody with experience in this regard ?

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    We are recieving the following error when attempting to run the workflow that adds a view pod config:


    [2018-04-12 16:37:43.356] [I] In getpoddataobject, podAlias is horizonpodconfigration is ConfigurationElement:ch.dunes.scripting.jsmodel.JSConfigurationElement@1579d966

    [2018-04-12 16:37:43.357] [I] pod attr is Attribute:ch.dunes.scripting.jsmodel.JSAttribute@7765c5f9

    [2018-04-12 16:37:43.359] [I] one pod is HashMap:44487331

    [2018-04-12 16:37:43.373] [I] pod object is DynamicWrapper (Instance) : [VwPodData]-[class com.vmware.o11n.plugin.view.model.publish.PodData] -- VALUE : com.vmware.o11n.plugin.view.model.publish.PodData@d7edeeb

    [2018-04-12 16:37:43.751] [I] Exception occurred - InternalError: com.vmware.vdi.vcsupport.vim.vmomi.core.exception.UnmarshallException: Type 'DesktopSummaryData' contains unrecognized property 'supportedDomains' (Dynamic Script Module name : getAllDesktopAppPoolsInPod#9)



    update: wanted to see if anyone has already looked in to ignoring this new view api property, and the ramifications, before I start going down the rabbit hole. also, is there a reference anywhere for view 7.4 api? The latest I was able to find was 7.1


    Horizon 7.4

    vCenter Server 6.5 U1

    Orchestrator 7.3.0

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    I am allowing users html access to VDI's in Horizon 7.3 and since I am not installing the client, can i do an external installation of the virtualization pack for skype for business?

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    I think the HZ Client is a requirement. This is a very good article which explains all the requirements: Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype for Business on VMware Horizon 7: VMware Horizon 7 version 7.2

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    Need your expertise opinions..


    Windows 10 with 1709 gold image

    Horizon Agent 7.3.1

    Horizon Client 4.6.1 and 4.7


    Has anyone in VDI land running into this issue.  If so, what did you do fix it?


    ISSUE:  It doesn't matter if the user just leaves them on and they time out or if they disconnect and log off. When trying to log back in they just get a black screen or an error message saying to contact the system administrator.


    I have go into View Admin and either reset and remove the VM in order for user to get a new VM instead of re-connect back to same VM.


    Thanks in advance..

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    The problem is, OneDrive is installed per user.


    I'm also using UEM, so what I do is use a login script to install onedrive from a network share when the user logs in for the first time. This still requires the user to run it and configure it.

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    When a user is auto assigned to a desktop, where is that user/desktop information stored? In the ADAM DB? Where?


    We are having an issue where a user was auto assigned desktop A (full clone) but then was having reconnect issues/errors so we assigned her desktop B.

    Desktop B was working without the reconnect issues UNTIL we removed her entitlement from Desktop A. Then the issue started again. We currently have Desktop A in maintenance mode but I'm assuming there is some sort of residual information left behind either on her laptop or in the ADAM db.

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    I've now gone through all the questions that have SAML (third party SAML in particular) mentioned on this forum and I'm surprised to note that none of them have any answers.  Is it 'cause third party SAML is not "really" supported (although mentioned in the documentation) or is it that 'cause VMWare has its own SAML implementation and couldn't care less for third party ones?  Assuming the latter (in that VMWare couldn't care less), why not address the 404 error on that published ACS in the metadata?  Does it really exist?




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    I too have been trying to set up a 3rd Party SAML Authenticator, but seeing that your question from many many moons ago hasn't been answered, I suspect mine too will go the way of /dev/null:

    Error 404 while attempting SAML authentication to Horizon View environment!


    I wonder why even mention 3rd Party SAML Authenticators in the documentation if they are then given nothing more than lip service!!!




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