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    Maybe your issue is regarding Clipboard Redirection.


    Try to apply the "Configure Clipboard Redirection" parameter and enable for both sites.


    VMware Blast Policy Settings

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    I have always had Clipboard Redirection enabled the whole time. Clipboard Redirection has always worked without problem. CDR is the problem.

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  • 08/16/18--13:26: Re: horizon agent 7.5 msi
  • The files will be extracted to c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\<UID ie {XXXXXX-XXX-XXXX}~setup


    Locate the VMWare Horizon Agent64.msi or search for this file using Windows Explorer

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    Hi Rob,


    Want to throw in my 2 cents and state that I've seen this happen in Application Farms as well. Ranging from Server 2008R2 al the way through 2016.


    Have you taken a support bundle? In there should be a file (or files) with a name like 'vmware-TsdrUserServer-<number>'.

    you could check that one for errors in copying.


    Kind regards,


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    On Mojave beta 8 (18A371a) horizon client 4.8 is still not working - black screen as described earlier.

    However, 4.6 is running fine.

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    Hi all,


    I am 99.9% certain that the problem I have is Microsoft related however I just wanted to see if anyone else had seen the same issue and how they resolved it.


    I have deployed desktops in Horizon 7.5 with the 1803 build of Windows 10.

    The desktops are taking a long time to load upon first use and then they give an error popup that the desktop cannot be found in the searched location.

    The desktop is just shown as a bare desktop.

    (They are not using Roaming or Mandatory profiles).


    If I also boot up the master image VM I see the same behavior there. (do I just need to do a reinstall and hope that one comes out better?)


    Researching on the internet leads me to believe that it is a Microsoft Win 10 issue and nothing to do with Horizon 7.5 however that hasn´t helped me to resolve my issue.

    (I found out that the build given to me was at RTM level so I updated it to the latest build before the L1 vulnerability patch however I still see the issue)


    Has anybody else seen this behavior and found out how to resolve it?


    Any help or comments would be most welcome.




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    Hi All,


    we recently changed the IP address of 4 Horizon view security servers and all of a sudden the status of the servers in Admin console is showing RED.


    Anyways the server is pingable and RDP is also working.


    we restarted security server service, but still the error persists.


    any inputs on the same.




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    i can't say i have changed the IP on any of my stuff but i wonder if rebooting the environment to re do the sync would help?


    VMware Knowledge Base

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    What Status have the Security Servers written in Text when clicking the entries?


    Maybe your Certificates have the IP or the IPSec Tunnel Windows Config has to be adjusted.

    A reinstall and new pairing to the Connection Server should correct the last issue.

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    I have running Windows 10 1803 Full Clones (sysprep) and Linked Clones (quickprep) running on Horizon 7.5.1.

    Most errors came from AppX Packages locking the Sysprep (check the sysprep logs if you use sysprep!).

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    Thanks andiwe79,


    I will revise them just in case to see if I can find anything.


    I already ran the OS Optimization Tool and optimized fully so I thought that the useless AppX packages had been removed/disabled.



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    rebooted but the error still persists

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    iam looking for reinstall

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    I am curious if anyone has any information on this KB article.  I came across it while troubleshooting another issue, and found that it makes sense to implement on a new environment I'm building.  The new environment is a VXRail 4.5.212, Horizon 7.5.1 with GRID M10 cards all using the M10-1B Profile.


    I enabled the feature per the article, but it broke provisioning in a spectacular fashion.  I have some screenshots at home I can attach later, but I found it very odd.  After disabling the feature per the article, I ended up having to manually reboot ESX hosts before instant clone provisioning would start working again.


    Can anyone explain what exactly this feature does to enable "max performance mode"?  I thought that setting the VM's to distribute VM's across GPU's in vSphere was all that was needed?

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    We have not seen the appcrash since adding the Virus scan exclusion for the VMWSCI.DLL to the policy covering the RDS servers.

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    This can be done but it's not recommend. Any refresh/recompose operations will typically reset the hardware configuration back.

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    So it turns out we have some security software (unable to disclose) which causes CDR to break on the View Agent side. I deployed the Win10 parent without it and CDR works like a charm. Self-imposed issue. Now we have to get this security software to work with CDR.

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    Starting few month ago, some users start complaining about their USB Drive get empty after awhile under a View session. At first is was only the SanDisk Ultra 64Gb the culprit. We reproduce the problem with 3 identical device of the same model. Now there is more and more reported problem of the same type but with others USB Drive. Here what we collected so far:


    -SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 64Gb (#SDZ48-064G)

    -SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16Gb (#SDZ60-016G)

    -Emtec C450 Slide (64 Gb)


    To reproduce the problem, just do a read stress test and after some time (between 5sec and 3min) the USB Drive still connected on the client and visible in Windows Explorer but the content shows empty. Windows sees a device but can't do nothing on it. Disconnect and reconnect the device in the View client fix the issue. The local client have no errors.


    We have a support ticket open since january on this. We gave a lot if debug log and additionnal datas on this issue but we still waiting. So far VmWare wasn't able to confirm the problem. We suspected the newest cheap USB Drive with new USB controller on it. Something change for sure with these USB Drive because everything works fine with old device. Have you ever see the same behavior?


    Client: Windows 7 and Windows 10

    VM: Windows 10 build 1709 and 1803, Windows 7

    VmWare View client: 4.8.1 (we test many oldest versions)

    Vmware view Agent: 7.4 and 7.5

    ESXi: 6.5

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    I've (seemingly) successfully installed the Horizon view client, but when attempting to connect I'm getting an error in firefox - basically the "vmware-view" protocol handler isn't install(ing)?


    Anyone got any ideas? I've restarted, uninstalled/reinstalled etc, with no luck.


    The URL starts with "vmware-view://"


    Error message:


    The address wasn’t understood


    Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (vmware-view) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.


        You might need to install other software to open this address.



    System info:


    $ lsb_release -a

    No LSB modules are available.

    Distributor ID:    Ubuntu

    Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

    Release:    18.04

    Codename:    bionic


    $ /usr/bin/firefox --version

    Mozilla Firefox 61.0.1


    $ ls VM* -la

    -rwxrwxr-x 1 yaleman yaleman 58198838 Aug 27 14:47 VMware-Horizon-Client-4.8.0-8518891.x64.bundle

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    Running 7.5.1 with Windows 10 LTSB and the latest updates. On the master image I can click on the start menu button and it comes up fine and dandy. But after deploying a few desktops via linked clone when i login to a desktop and try and click on it, I can't get the start menu to work.


    Anyone encounter this issue or have any suggestions?



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