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    i tested it today and it works with version 4.9 see picture. The protocol is VMware Blast.

    Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-12 um 21.04.33.png

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  • 09/13/18--06:39: AppVol 2.14 & OST
  • Has anyone go the new support for OST redirection working with AppVol 2.14? If so, do you see where the Index has been redirected to?


    The script for v. 2.13 would also redirect the Windows Search cache but it is supposed to be done automatically now in v2.14. We have uses who complain about folders in Outlook constantly updating and search indexes empty.


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    We are on Horizon 7.6, and starting to test Windows 10 1709.  It appears that at the "Customization" step, the VM is just sitting at the logon screen and nothing is happening.


    The sysprep log is showing:


    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error             SYSPRP Failed to remove apps for the current user: 0x80073cf2.


    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error             SYSPRP Exit code of RemoveAllApps thread was 0x3cf2.


    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error             SYSPRP ActionPlatform::LaunchModule: Failure occurred while executing 'SysprepGeneralizeValidate' from C:\Windows\System32\AppxSysprep.dll; dwRet = 0x3cf2
    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error             SYSPRP SysprepSession::Validate: Error in validating actions from C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\ActionFiles\Generalize.xml; dwRet = 0x3cf2
    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error             SYSPRP RunPlatformActions:Failed while validating Sysprep session actions; dwRet = 0x3cf2
    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error  [0x0f0070] SYSPRP RunExternalDlls:An error occurred while running registry sysprep DLLs, halting sysprep execution. dwRet = 0x3cf2
    2018-09-14 08:39:43, Error  [0x0f00d8] SYSPRP WinMain:Hit failure while pre-validate sysprep generalize internal providers; hr = 0x80073cf2




    After doing some searching there are a lot of discussions on this problem with 1709 and even Msft says the fix is: "unplug the Internet connection or disable Automatic Updates in Audit mode before you create the image.".  This is not an option for us.  I am hoping that others have come across this and found a way to work around this problem with the VMware customization specification.  I'll follow up if we find a way around it here and post the solution.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I've noticed that when I attempt to use the new Help Desk baked into Horizon 7.4 that if I'm connecting to a user who's a Windows Standard User then I can't perform administrative tasks on the user's machine. This is very problematic. Is there a way to fix this? Something I'm missing?


    When I request control the user has the ability to check a box that allows me to see UAC messages but they have to be an administrator in order to do that which kind of useless, unless VMware is advocating that I make all my end users admins (lol).


    Any suggestions or thoughts?

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  • 09/14/18--12:25: Re: AppVol 2.14 & OST
  • Using the default template. The ost and windows search redirects for my user I have tested with.


    outlook settings:


    Search index:

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    What version of ESXi?

    Why not use quickprep instead of sysprep? You can always run sysprep on your master image before taking a snapshot and then use Quickprep when composing your desktops

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    So we have been experiencing this issue with remote users connecting to vdi
    using the Dell 3040's clients. When they try to scan the scanning process goes
    up to 90% and then it errors out. Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it
    scans one page and it errors out on the second page. We have enabled USB and
    Scanner re-direction, installed the latest printer drivers and latest firmware
    on the thin client. Also the users has to connect, disconnect and connect again
    in order for the usb devices to be recognized. Has anyone seen this happen and
    what was the resolution?


    Tested the printer using the Horizon Client from a laptop and we experienced
    the same issue when scanning, this kind of rules out the Thin Client.


    Also thios is a remote user connecting over VPN.


    This is a persistent desktop

    Horizon View 7.4.0

    UEM 9.3


    AIO HP M476DW

    Some of the errors:

    Scanner communication cannot be established.....

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    Try this.


    Run this command in Powershell as Admin:


    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


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    It may be a Vram issue, have you tried adding more Vram to the vm's in the pool that you're using?

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    I think we can change group policy to fix this issue.

    Here is a blog User Account Control Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop (Windows 10) |…  talks about the UAC which related with the remote assistant problem.


    I have tried this method and work fine for  windows 7

    Following steps need to apply:

    1. open group policy edit.

    2. go to windows Settings-> Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options

    3. find "User Account Control: Allow UIAccess applications to prompt for elevation without using the secure desktop", and enable it.


    Then remote assistant works fine. And administrator can see the UAC message from his console.


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    Solved my own issue. It was a new Group Policy that they were choking on. Once we removed the rogue policy, logins were fast again.

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    Thank you! It worked! :-)

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    I don't pay to much to the keyboard indicators, but my Caps Lock indicator does work as intended on my 7.5 environment. As for the Num Lock, I just force it on through the BIOS on the base image.


    Currently running on Horizon 7.5

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    We ran into this issue and the start menu would eventually come up about about 3 click attempts.  What we found was that it us one of the settings in the OS Optimization tool under Users Registry settings for Windows 10.  We applied almost everything else and the start menu functions normally.  I have not fully isolated it yet, in case that is your issue try going back to pre-optimized and avoid HKCU optimizations.

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    Here are a few troubleshooting notes I have on Blast connectivity issues. Most problems are nothing to do with UAG but rather a result of a mis-configured firewall, load balancer or blastExternalUrl.


    Blast Connection from the Horizon Client never arrives at UAG

    • Timeout log entry in bsg.log.
    1. Firewall (between the Internet and UAG) blocks the Blast protocol port from the client.
      • TCP 443 (or 8443 if the blastExternalUrl specifies :8443). Also, optionally UDP 8443.
    2. Load balancer session affinity is incorrect or timeout is incorrect and Blast connection is misrouted to the wrong UAG appliance.
    3. Load balancer can sometimes block WebSockets (Blast uses WebSockets).
      • Issues seen with both Netscaler and Microsoft TMG. Enable WebSockets in these devices.
    4. Misconfiguration of blastExternalUrl.
      • Should be set to a value usable by the client to connect to the same UAG appliance. When this isn't the case, UAG never receives the Blast connection.
      • Fix the blastExternalUrl config.


    UAG Blast Connection to the Desktop or RDSH is Blocked

    • Misconfiguration of the firewall between UAG and the virtual desktop (or RDS Host).
    • Blast connection inbound from UAG is on TCP 22443 ( and optionally UDP 22443).


    Connection Server Configured for Blast Secure Gateway

    • Blast Secure Gateway doesn't support multi hop BSG.
    • Visible in the bsg.log on UAG.


    Origin Checking in Connection Server

    • Native client Blast works but HTML Access Blast fails (with some browsers and not others),
    • Common reason is Origin checking failure on Connection Server.
    • Look at the debug log file on Connection Server and search for "Origin" to look for origin checking failures.


    Bad SSL Server Certificate on UAG


    Certificate Mismatch

    • Offloaded TLS/SSL handled on load balancer and the UAG appliance and load balancer have different certificates.
    • When Blast connection is misrouted to the wrong UAG appliance and that appliance has a different certificate to the correct UAG appliance.

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    FYI - On the Mac version of the Horizon View Client, there is no option available for "Allow display scaling".

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    Even after following the steps to register the extension Register the VMware Horizon Client for Chrome Extension  , the View client 4.9 will not connect to the 7.4 connection server. Why has vmware released such a buggy chrome os view client? How can we debug this? The chrome store is full of similar complaints VMware Horizon Client for Chrome - Chrome Web Store  click on the support tab. Attached is the screenshot of the error I receive.


    It is interesting to note that in the System Requirements page the Display protocol might suggest that PCOIP isnt supported? Nobody really uses Blast do they?


    System Requirements

    Display protocol

    VMware Blast (requires Horizon Agent 7.0 or later)

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    We are having the exact same issue right now.

    But we are using VMWare Horizon View 7.3.2 without any grid cards. 3d Acceleration is set to allow and managed by vSphere.


    When the VMBlastS.exe (not VMBlastw.exe) is consuming 50% cpu constantly the users are also having trouble logging on. The screen just stays black or the session gets disconnected. When the process is killed (and auto restarted) the machine is fine again. People can login and cpu usage is normal (2% or something in idle).


    Did you ever find a solution to your problem?

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    Ran into this issue following a minor vCenter upgrade.  Ran your commandlet received this output:







    Not too helpful.  I then ran Get-Monitor and found the offending connection server:

    fullName              : VCMonitor.166fd2a4-e456-4c26-a0e8-8b5cd510bfed

    id                    : 166fd2a4-e456-4c26-a0e8-8b5cd510bfed

    state                 : ERROR

    version               : 6.0.0

    apiVersion            : 6.0

    URL                   : https://vcenterURL:443/sdk

    isComposerEnabled     : true

    brokerEntry           : { brokerNetbiosName=VDI-CONNECTIONSERVER, status=STATUS_DOWN, statusDescription=Can't connect }

    statusInfo            : { infoEntry=CANNOT_CONNECT }

    certValid             : true

    certStarts            : 1530576000000

    certExpires           : 1593734399000

    certReasons           : { reason= }

    certAboutToExpire     : false

    certThumbprintMatched : false

    monitor               : VCMonitor

    monitor_id            : 166fd2a4-e456-4c26-a0e8-8b5cd510bfed


    Thought this might help someone.  Thanks for your post!

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    Has there been any update on the ability to disable Display Scaling using a GPO yet?  I wanted to ask before I open an SR for this...

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