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    Hi, I want to ask how to change the language in Plaxis 2D, I have tried to uninstall and install many time, but it is always a Japanese version. How can I change to English version? thanks

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    Greetings and welcome to the forums,


    the software "Plaxis 2D" is not a product of VMware, and the problem you are descibing is not related to any use of VMware software or technologies.

    So it is unclear why you are asking this question here in the VMware forums, and it is very unlikely that you will get helpful answers here.



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    I am new to this community and could not find a similar problem on this forum.


    I am running VMWare Horizon 4.9 client on my home Win10 x64 PC for remote access to my corporate VDI. Some time ago (back on v.4.8) I started to observe 'degraded PC performance' - my home PC's performance, not the VDI I was connecting to.


    Such 'degraded performance' only reproduces when I have active Horizon session running, the moment I 'disconnect' via Horizon client the problem disappears. Nothing in my home PC's  task manager (CPU, memory, disk, network etc. ) would indicate spikes that could help explain this. In the past,  disconnecting in Horizon client and then restarting my home PC would solve this for some time  but not anymore.


    By 'degraded performance' I am referring to items like lags when using mouse buttons, slower-than-usual Chrome response (when switching tabs or opening new ones) , video stuttering in sites like YouTube or dropped FPS (frames per second) in video games such as StarCraft II when tested.


    I contacted my company's IT support but they could not advise on anything similar and suggested uninstallling Horizon client, deleting any leftover %appdata% and C:\ VMware folders and  then installing  the 4.9 version again. There was no change.


    Any ideas or suggestions on this would be most welcome.

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    Hello everybody,


    we have a problem with our Horizon 7.6.0 environment. During the creation of new VMs in a instant-clone desktop pool, some VMs repeatedly fail with the following error messages:


    "08.10.2018 07:49:50 MESZ: Cloning of VM XXX has failed: Fault type is VC_FAULT_FATAL - Failed to receive migration."




    "08.10.2018 07:55:56 MESZ: Cloning of VM XXX has failed: Fault type is VC_FAULT_FATAL - Unable to prepare migration."


    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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    Try turning off H.264 decoding in the Horizon Client preferences. You GPU might be struggling to keep up.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I disabled that setting and will do more testing. I have a GPU decent for typical consumer workloads (AMD RX 480 chipset) but let's hope it will do  the trick.

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    Depending on the outcome I would verify BIOS/firmware/drivers are current on the machine with the Horizon Client installed.

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    hi, there's no change after turning off / on h.264 settings so I will play with BIOS update.

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    Well, the update to VMware Tools ended up doing more harm than good.  USB drives stopped working on thin clients and the login time increased.  I've since reverted back to an earlier snapshot and installed the required software (VLC) and blocked windows updates.  The login times vary but seem to max at 2-ish minutes or as low as 30 seconds. 

    Root cause was more Windows Updates than anything else but updating VMware Tools was a major detriment. 

    The Optimization Tool didn't seem to affect the login time unfortunately (neither good nor bad.)

    If I need to make a new pool I'll follow the guides posted in this thread.  Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.  A combination of all helped resolve our current issues.


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    Are you using UEM? There is a workaround to fix the USB redirection issue.


    Re: USB Drives and Mobile phones not showing up in VM

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    ...after flashing most recent BIOS version (MSI B350 motherboard) there's no change

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    We are not using UEM but it appears the version of VMtools is what broke USB with the thin clients.  The snapshot I'm using has a slightly older version of VMtools and that works well with the thin clients and the firmware they're at.

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    I would suggest watching a process monitor in the machine with the Horizon Client and the machine with the Horizon Agent while you experience the issue to see where the problem is.

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    thanks for the tip and interestingly enough,  I've taken snaphots on my home PC i..e where Horizon client was running. I have 16G RAM total:


    - Screen 1


    - 85% RAM usage on the average where Horizon client sitting at 400-500MB  Next process was only 30.5MB RAM -> I have no idea what contributed to this 85% usage (out of 16G in total)

    - closing Horizon client did not change this 85% oveall memory usage and PC performance. So this goes contrary to my initial findings that closing Horizon session always helps.


    - Screen 2 -


    - after the reboot I am back to typical 13% memory usage in when PC is 'idling'.

    - when launching another Horizon session my PC performance drops again, as usual, but memory usage does not spike (for the moment).


    So it seems some process (?) not listed in the resource manager (?)  can drive up memory  usage to 85% (out of 16G) however I am observing degraded performance with <30% memory usage just the same.

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    I'm also interested in what the VM that you are connecting to looks like. I've seen where the PCoIP or Blast worker process can have high utilization and result in lag.


    Can you temporarily try disabling your A/V and see if things improve. We've seen A/V on a few occasions mess with Horizon connections.

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    VM I am connecting to is an end user Win7 ENT SP1 coporate (i.e. custom) PC build, where I don't have admin rights to run all services etc. However I haven't observed similar performance issue on the VM side. Not to sure what to look for beyond the resource manager.


    Then, what do you mean by temporarily disabling A/V ? If you are referring to disabling actual graphics on my home PC then I am not able to do that. My Ryzen AMD build does not have built-in GPU / graphics so I cannot disable the standalone GPU.

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    I'm referring to Anti-Virus, it looks like you have AVG?

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    Similar to my other thread, we are experiencing issues with a pool that otherwise seems perfectly fine.

    While on the parent machine, logged in as the local admin, login times are very fast (10-20 seconds.) However, once I take a snapshot and compose the test pool, the login times spike to 400+ seconds.


    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Time: 412.38 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Hive Loaded Time: 366.37 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Classes Hive Loaded Time: 368.17 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Profile Sync Time: 0.00 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Windows Folder Redirection Apply Time: 0.00 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Shell Load Time: 39.38 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Total Logon Script Time: 0.00 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] User Policy Apply Time: 3 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Machine Policy Apply Time: 0 seconds

    2018-10-09T09:53:48.461 INFO (09d4-07f0) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Group Policy Software Install Time: 1.14 seconds


    I've tried removing startup items and disabled services, ran the Optimization Tool, cleanmgr, etc. 

    Anyone else have this issue?


    (We do not have UEM, or mandatory user profile.)

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    hi, I am not observing any difference with AVG off / on. I have a basic  version, not all modules enabled. Will run this setup with AVG off / on  for more time to tell for  sure

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    Are you using App Volumes?

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