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  • 02/14/18--04:56: Re: Migrating to LTSB 1607
  • We recently did this migration due to the rapid release from Microsoft breaking our apps. From our experience everything went pretty smoothly. The only issue we had were with Microsoft store apps not migrating due to it being stripped out in LTSB. Outside of that no issues.

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  • 02/14/18--06:37: Re: Migrating to LTSB 1607
  • LTSB is not supported by Microsoft for office usage

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    So I figured this out.  It turns out it is a combination of the hardware acceleration and ClearType.  You absolutely need to have cleartype turned on so I used UEM to set the registry key HKCU\Desktop\FontSmoothing to 2 for all users that login and Chrome looks great.  Thanks for all of the help everyone.

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    I've noticed that the VMware Optimization Tool templates don't actually turn off the Windows Defender service as part of the templates.  If we are running a different Antivirus solution does anyone know of a reason for this?  Is there some other dependency that requires the service?

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  • 02/14/18--09:09: Re: Instant Clone - Issues
  • If I use the reuse pre-existing computer accounts setting on the pools I only ever get this with vdi desktops that are spun up that have not already been created before and therefore don't have an AD object yet.  This was such an issue for me that I actually wrote a powershell script to search the domain for computer objects that do not have the SPNs set correctly.  Now since it isn't such an issue with the setting I just run the script every now and then to make sure everything is fine and recover any computers that have the issue.


    On a side note:  Once the AD object is borked you if you are using the reuse pre-existing setting you will need to delete the ad object and then recover the desktop until it is created properly.

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    Probably we found the root cause. After a vCenter Server Appliance reset, provisioning didn't hang anymore at the cp-template step.

    Stupid we didn't tried it earlier...

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    Sorry for the late response.


    We tried a lot of things made a combination of the Microsof's Best Practices, the OS Optimization Tool and experiences from my colleagues. Even that didn't work.

    After a reboot of the VCSA somehow provisioning didn't hang anymore.


    Thanks for pointing me in some direction. I was almost out of my options.

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    It's a vSphere compatibility issue between OVFTool 4.0.0 and ESXi 6.0 and newer. You should be using OVFTool 4.2.0.


    See Using PowerShell to Deploy VMware Unified Access Gateway


    The requirements section says "Install OVF Tool 4.2.0 or newer".


    This isn't a Unified Access Gateway issue. Let us know if you resolve this.

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    Great to hear it's working.  A reboot.  I'll move that to the top of my own troubleshooting list.

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    it is ovftool version, thank you

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    If you have your own AV solution, Windows defender should be turned off. The installation of your AV product should turn it off. There are no requirements on other services on Windows Defender.

    If the template turned it off, Windows would popup errors constantly notifying you that you're not compliant. it also assumes that your AV product would disable Windows Defender.

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    That's only true if you use a client based AV solution in VDI.  Seeing as that is an entire waste of resources we don't go that route and use a clientless AV solution, which of course does not turn off Windows Defender.

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    Good point. Yes, you are correct about agentless installs. If you follow the vendors documentation for the agentless install it almost always tells you to uninstall any existing AV products including defender.

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    Is tunneling enabled on the connection server(s) that the UAG are pointed to? Tunneling must be disabled.

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    This issue has been being investigated by VMware engineering.

    If you need immediate fix, I suggest to open support ticket with VMware.

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  • 02/16/18--14:32: Re: Migrating to LTSB 1607
  • Were you able to remove the shortcuts to the apps? I noticed that as well. Thanks a lot!

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    Storage rebalance helps to balance the Linked Clones across Datastores post provisioning. However I'm trying to control the Linked clone distribution on a specific Datastore during new vdi provisioning. I know its not availalbe out of the box., so here's what I'm thinking:


    1. To the pool, add new DS1 count of vdis say #4. Enable provisioning.

    2. Post completion, remove DS1 from vcenter setttings and add DS2, increase count to 8. Enable provisioning


    This way it would ensure that 4 VDIs are created per datastore ie 1 replica mapped evenly to 4 VDIs.


    Any reason why this should not work?

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  • 02/16/18--16:52: Compute mode vs graphics
  • Hi,


    I need some help to understand computemode.

    Today we have a test system with Nvidia M60 card, and we have been running it in graphics mode, and added several different profiles to ESXi VM`s and that has been working well.


    Now we have a customer wanting to test this system in Compute mode instead, so we have changed it with the switch mode command and that`s seems ok. But what I now don`t understand is, should we add profiles to the VM`s or should they use regular VMware VGA card ? They are going to test some applications on CentOS, not quite sure what applications, but it uses Compute mode they said.

    The reason I am wondering about the profiles, is because I tried to boot one of the VM`s after we changed ESXi host to compute mode, and they fail to boot with the error "Could not initialize plugin '/usr/lib64/vmware/plugin/' for vGPU"


    Please explain what I am missing here, and the concept around compute mode.


    Thanks for reply.




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  • 02/16/18--18:19: Re: Compute mode vs graphics
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  • 02/17/18--01:27: Re: Compute mode vs graphics
  • Hi,


    Thanks for reply, but as I understand that article is, if you are having problems with the graphics mode.


    My question is related to compute mode, and my M60 card is configured for compute mode, as you can see from the Class 0302


    [root@esx05:~] lspci -n | grep 10de

    0000:03:00.0 Class 0302: 10de:13f2 [vmgfx0]

    0000:04:00.0 Class 0302: 10de:13f2 [vmgfx1]



    What I don't understand is, how do I configure a VM to use compute mode ? Is for example the VM able to run compute mode applications as long as its deployd on a ESXi host that has a M60 card running in Compute Mode ? Or do I have to configure profiles, or something else ? To me it seems like the profiles are only for Graphics mode ?


    Grate if someone could educate me on this




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